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  1. Obviously fake, not even worth to discuss. They should have read “The War Of The Worlds” and done a better fake.

  2. Sure it is fake.

    I saw this video on TV once some time ago. It was obviously staged. Cheap. Like B class movie.

    Though the site looks like if it would be set up for Stephen King’s Tommynockers. Actually it really does look better in that respect than it did in actual Tommynockers movie. Well done.

  3. If the UFO crashed like that, why are the trees directly behind it still standing? They should have been knocked over.
    LOL, it’s fake. The question is, was someone having fun with the Soviet authorities, or were they in on the joke?

  4. maybe the craft crashed there before the trees ever grew…maybe it crashed and has been sitting there for 100 years or more in the middle of no where…

    • If what you say is true, then that means alien beings have been integrating into the population in Russia for 100 years or more.

      More disturbingly is the fact that it was approximately 100 years ago that Russia was experiencing so much inner turmoil, finally resulting in “the” revolution that led to communist control.

      Is it possible you’ve discovered the real source of the leaders of the Revolution? Was the USSR really just the first wave of alien domination?

      • “Was the USSR really just the first wave of alien domination?”

        Yes, and we are the next wave of alien domination. Can you direct me to the driver’s license office, please?

        We are MAL. “Muy” MAL. 🙂

      • As an UFO expert with numerous sightings under my belt, I can assure you that this is a genunie UO. I’m not sure about the F part, though, for the simple reason that the O is sitting and not flying.

      • the first wave? if there here they have been since the beginning. look around, there are signs everywhere. look up ancient aliens or chariot of the gods.

    • Correct. Actually, we live on the inside of the earth. This UFO came smashing in through the surface of the earth, right into the sphere where we live. If we would live on the outside of the earth, how the German V1 and V2 rockets would have reached London without having a pilot? They would have just been fired off into the air and flown off somewhere very far. Just because we are living in the inside of the planet, Germans just had to calculate the exact angle to reach London and shoot.

  5. There have been many real flying machines made by terrestrial engineers that look quite like `flying saucers’.

    But that looks like the lid off some big chunk of industrial or military engineering – possibly blown off in an explosion, or dropped from the air in an accident.

    Either this is a hoax of some sort, or it’s a chunk of human-made engineering that’s not where it ought to be for some reason.

    I can see no reason to suggest that it’s got anything to do with aliens, although if it had been dropped from the air in an accident or blown up into the air, it most likely would have counted as an UFO for a short while (unidentified falling object).

  6. I don’t understand
    “Some people say that these are real KGB files that are declassified and published recently.”
    KGB is a government department right? so how can that be fake? and what’s declassified mean? mean it’s only opened to somebody or everybody? if it’s opened to everybody cant someone just go check?

  7. The KGB developed the world’s best bug spray (DDT) in order to rid us from these pesky visitors. Now they are all gone and all we have left are cheesy alien tin cans.

    OK. Here is today’s question.
    An alien saucer lands next to you and non-threatening grey guys offer you a ride. DO YOU ACCEPT?

    There is no right or wrong answer here but if you do decline the offer, at least ask if they have an operating manual.

  8. i wanna ask if the ufo is real being why they doesn’t try to contact us does they afraids from us imposible with that tecnlogy. posible that ???? i don’t know meny people says that i saw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The thing seems to rise from the Earth rather than having come from the skies. Are you sure this is not some evil Capitalist scheme to dig their way into Mother Russia? Maybe it’s Matthias Rust?

  10. KGB has disbanded on 1995 by Yeltsin and now it is called FSB. Anyway, as our American friend stated :

    “You don’t walk around a crash site with your AK pointing at your superiors with the finger on the triggger that’s for sure.”

    So there is something suspicious for sure. It can not be fake as it has released on FSB’s official web site. They wouldnt risk their reputation for a joke. Thus, we must be open minded as there are so many things kept hidden from us by the governments during many years …

    Kindly Regards,


  11. It is definitely a fake. BUT, why was it staged? Why did the russian authorities take the time and effort to do such a thing? What is it that they want to accomplish?

    Where is the “ufo” now?
    Who was really behind this deception?

  12. not faked but definately not a ufo. it was prob the top part of a fancy building or monument. in the one picture you can see the start of the c in the ccpp (or whatever that used to be)

  13. It is a fake, the soldiers in the video behave like no Soviet soldier would – that was the first thing that struck me when I was watching it. Later I met the American cameraman who shot the video.

  14. I will not tell whether its fake or no but let me explain:-

    let me tell about myself first, im someone from the National institute of science extraterrestrial technology somewhere in Asia (NISET for short) this document is indeed from KGB files, we were given a copy of it..however im wondering how this thing get into the net even if its declassified, people shouldn’t know about it unless they were an ex-KGB science department..but let me just explain as its already exposed here…

    For those who says that there is no impact, i’m too also suspicious about that..but look at how that object is buried, it crashed right from the top, if i have to say, about 80 degrees from above straight to the ground, thats why there is little impact on the other side of it ( see the picture on the first one? ) and also explain why the trees on the back didn’t fall, makes sense?

    However, because of just a little impact, i didn’t understand why there’s no trees in front of it, it could be because of fire from looking at the ground, but if there is fire no matter how strong a material is, against fire the surface will turn black because of its heat and ash, but still it can be washed away by rain..still, a forest fire that only cleared in front of the object is so unusual when even the barks and roots of the trees vanished from the soil..

    the most easier to spot is from looking at the other trees, they weren’t burnt even the branch of the trees that falls down weren’t even black from a burn, and its just impossible to be washed away by rain..and also judging by the color feint,i’d say that thing was about 50 to 80 years ago and also because of the quality of the video… you’ll never see a government of a country in this day and age have such a bad resolution and quality for a top secret and classified information, because they will need it to study and research about it right?

    Second, if its 50 to 80 years ago they still have fireman and fire brigade to wipe the flames and so, people will know about their existence..unless the one that wipe the flames is the military or the government itself then it can be explained why people around there didn’t know a single thing about it..however, no matter how secure the secret yo u keep is, there is always someone who knows about it….

    the rest about the mysteries, you guyz can think about it and ask yourself..whether it’s true or not, its up to you to believe it or not, however those who just said like “this is fake” without even trying to figure it out, they were the lowest trash of all.

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  16. Why bother with hoaxes, and why have such a total agreement that such a photo would be fake? There are fakes and the people that create them are attention seeking scum in my opinion but there are also consistencies between photos of different vessels. That’s what I look for. Hoaxers aren’t going to check to see if their photo jibs with someone else’s. They’re going to make a model or graphic and have it look like something they would be fooled by. I also have noticed that stuff that looks quite convincing often disappears from the internet within day of its uploading. This set of photos looks pretty convincing to me and I have seen the hexagonal gold wire in quartz piece that was a part of the KGB artifact group rom Tunguska that had 5 micron gold wire when we are only capable of manufacturing 7 micron wire now, and that was from 1908. Belgium is a country that has no security restraints on it’s UFO data and many photos there coincide with vessel structures from other areas and eras. One thing humanity seems to be quite capable of it staying immersed in dogma, and if the popular dogma says to believe in a god with a big beard that has made us out of dirt and who gets mad and makes earthquakes and volcanoes when we question his power, and that we are all he ever made in the whole universe, humans will do all they can to perport this as their absolute. We are quite backward, us, but backward is normal.

  18. This was made in 1988, near Moscow. UFO made from polystyrene, “KGB guys” – it’s simple solders in modern (for 1988) pants. Also it was made by Olga Dolgoleva – like director in Gorkiy’s film studio. She made it for US customers just for easy money. This film directly go to your TV in that time.

    Until you will think terrible about USSA & Russia, other guys (your neighbors) will sell it to you. More worry -> more story.

  19. It’s pretty elaborate if its fake. Complete with Russian uniforms, correct make of rifle SKS Auto. How much would you spend for a few fake photos? I say its real.

  20. MOST POSSIBLE THIS IS A CAP FROM ICBM WELL, IMHO ACCIDENT – LEAK AND EXPLOSION OF ICBM FUEL, a 500-700 tons cap can fly to several km after this.
    Such accident already was in US in 50th, by the way ufo kgb archieve was given to us after ussr fall


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