Giant Nuts Strike Ukraine

ukraine ufo nut 1

In the previous article there were some concerns about the authenticity of the object hit the ground in Soviet Siberia, here with no doubt we can say that it is staged, but what does it symbolize? Giant nut attacked Ukraine? Or just Ukraine went nuts?

ukraine ufo nut 2

ukraine ufo nut 3

ukraine ufo nut 4

19 thoughts on “Giant Nuts Strike Ukraine”

    • Judging by the red building in the background of the first picture, this is in Kiev, right in front of the Politech University (there’s really only one red building like that in Ukraine ;)).

      So middle of nowhere doesn’t really apply here since its in the middle of Kiev… oh wait…

  1. Haa haa….. funny.
    They even procuded 2 microscopes and a table on the spot. Very scientific. Good joke, the guys are playing their act with a good poker face.

    The 0.5 € sticker on the front says: “Paranormal search”.

    Now THAT’S funny as it means paranormal methods for searching something (like your lost dog. ‘ Hmm hmm I … can… see… it… on …my… backyard…)

  2. Yeah, you’re absolutely right. My memory is playing tricks on me. Well at least i guessed the city and the building correctly. Though not the name. 🙁


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