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  1. They make these for dashboards of cars to make them look like they have wood treatment.

    That monitor wont last long considering the heat has nowhere to escape

  2. It looks great. I admire the beauty and craftsmanship, but I prefer cheap, mass-produced components that are easily replaced after I throw them against the wall or out the window for refusing to cooperate with the commands I type in. 🙂

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  3. This is not in Russia, it is in Belgium
    An avid sports-fan from Luik made this pc for me, when I had my anniversary.

    They should change the name of this Site into:
    English Belgium, just because something cool happens daily on 1/50 of the world’s surface.

    • If it is Russian (and not Belgian as Ms. Clijsters claims), then we can prove it– simply open it up and there should be another smaller computer inside, and if you open the smaller computer there will be another even smaller one inside, and if you open that one . . . .

  4. I admire the excellent craftsmanship, but the design and the idea make no sense.

    Why make a computer look like Grandma’s needlepoint box ? What’s next – a Ferrari made to look like a wooden T-Ford ?

  5. This is from Australia. These are the naturally occuring seed pods of the Kookaberra tree in the Northern Territory. The natives there have always used them in some spiritual ceremony in which they would stare at them trance-like for hours on end poking at them with their fingers and making strange sounds.Not until modern times has anyone noticed a similarity to anything familiar. Aborigine legend has it that these trees were altered by some unusual beings from the sky and the seed pods can be used to communicate with other beings at great distance. Primative native rubbish if you ask me. G’day

    • CRIKEY! That is sooooo cool! I’ll ask my mom if we can trek into the Northern Territory to look for those mysterious Kookaberra trees! I’ll bet the berries are so cute!

      Watch out for the crocs, Mick. Mom says to tell you not to molest the wallabees.

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  7. It’s a beautiful idea but the monitor DOES need venting.
    Personally I would prefer an ebony style finish with silver or chrome inlay but that is just my own personal preference.
    It sure beats all the plastic we’ve been seeing.

  8. I am not being negative on this post. I think the PC looks nice. Is mahogany the choice of wood? I would be more inclined to use teak instead of mahogany. Teak doesn’t warp in extreme temperature changes and it looks nicer too…

  9. I especially would like to see more carvings in wood, it looks already fine, but I think there’s missing some carvings!!! It would be even better in my opinion.

  10. After seeing this I feel like making one myself. I’ve been turning a cargo truck into an R.V. for a little over 2 years now and most everything in my truck is wood. A wood computer would fit right in.

    Fantastic Job ! ! !

  11. I likey. It kindof reminds me of the steampunk pc mods that have been floating around the web. The case at least looks to have more than adequate ventilation, especially in the back. IDK about the monitor tho, that might not be as good.

  12. no, it isn’t photoshopped. there is indeed a service of handmaking these for a very high price. the stock components are taking and are being remade in wood by hand. i got the offers myself to have my pc turned into wooden

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