Another Truck Without a Wheel

truck without a wheel in Russia 1

So yet another one. Now in Ukraine. Is it getting like cool among truckers to drive without one wheel in some parts of Russia? Like, you know, “I am so tough so I can go without one wheel, don’t even try to mess with me?”

truck without a wheel in Russia 2

truck without a wheel in Russia 3

truck without a wheel in Russia 4

truck without a wheel in Russia 5

51 thoughts on “Another Truck Without a Wheel”

  1. This is a sad commentary on the trucking industry in Russia and Ukraine.Truckers are removing wheels to get the axel grease because they have unavailable to them the “Tiger Brand”anal lube that comes from Shanghai. I doubt that mere counceling will help them change their unusual habits. I must advise against the purchase of the “Tiger Brand”condoms from P.R.C. because they are mostly “recycled”, used one or more times and repackaged.

    • Stay out of Ukrainian transport business, Hoffa Junior, or we put you in same “special place” with your father.

      And yes, we know about problems with Tiger Brand lube. We like it because the all-natural animal ingredient is “stain-free,” but is too much expensive.

  2. I reckon what happened here is that the wheel bearings went belly up and the wheel and hub came off at some point.

    I wouldn’t take a hard right-hand turn at speed if I were him!

  3. Yes, that would normally be the case for at least one wheel, but there doesn’t seem to be any fluid around the wheel cylinder. It looks like the front ends of the brake shoes are held together against the cylinder with something. Or he may be limping home using just the emergency brake.

    • They are S-cam drumbrakes and also its a pneumatic system so itll still brake fine on the other wheels. the wheelhub is also missing so my best guess would be that the locking screw that locks the hub in place has fallen off and he dropped the whole wheel with the hub and everything 😛

  4. air brakes can be shut off easily,you just disconnect and plug the line to that wheel. that truck is rough looking,i will guess that the wheelbearings froze and galded on that hub and ruined it,guy doesnt have the money to fix it.the spare wheel looks like the center of the rim is damaged; along with the fender damage,safe to say he ran it until it came off. at least the bed is empty.

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  6. Fotografia pochádza z Ruska. Vozidlo sa volá Tatra 815, ktoré sa vyrába v Českej Republike. Tatre sa zlomila poloos, tak vodič nápravu podvesil, aby sa dostal do nejakej dieFlne bez odťahovej služby. Ak má človek potrebné veci, tak oprava nie je náročná. Brzdy sú vzduchové a poškodená náprava sa dá jednoducho odstaviť. Zvyšné brzdy fungujú úplne normálne.

    Greetings from Slovakia


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