44 thoughts on “Flooded Parking”

  1. How much is the water-damage discount?

    My mujahideen need the transportation for attack in Afghanistan, so I look for good used vehicles (they will be shot by American, Canadian, or British helos anyway, so why buy the new ones?).

    Can you arrange shipping to port?

      • Thank you my friend. Extra discount at duty-free shop for you when you come to Tehran, except electronic items and skin care product.

      • Oh D, you break my heart. All the money I spend on the therapy to help you, and the money I spend on your belly dancing lessons so that you will have the good job, yet still you taunt me and treat me with the disrespect, and make joke about me in front of my friends. Why?

  2. That’s a used car lot – cars stacked on each other, hoods and trunks open…unless that is the only method drunk Russians use to get in and out of their vehicle.

  3. This is Chimpy-McHitrer-Hariburton’s faurt! Just rike Rouisiana, his evir weather machine hates black, er, Russian peopre!.

  4. Probably a Russian water cleaning facility. I believe they dump broken cars in the water to soak up all the toxic waste. It’s not very effective, but that’s not really a problem, since I’ve heard that in Russia, no one drinks water, only Vodka – they say water in Russia is used only to hide the bodies of those who do not vote according to Putin’s wishes.

      • “it seems that if you’re, for example, a journalist and write anti-Putin stuff, you’re chances of getting assasinated increase greatly…”

        Not always. I am afraid you are victim of western anti-Russian propaganda. Many times we just give the friendly encouragement to journalists, and help them to be more careful about spreading western propaganda. See how nice we are to man in article below. See? No assassination necessary.


        • Activist such as Mr. Pavlov might find more sympathy for his cause if he were not funded by an organization in the U.S. The Tides Foundation would also be better advised by closely vetting the “interested party” that provided the money for this project.

          • I see–no sympathy for people beaten in the street if their organization receives money from abroad, no matter how true his point/issue is.

            I suppose the countless people from western countries, or Russians who are paid by them, working to help Russian orphans who live in tragic poverty and neglect should be careful–they could be next.

            What a bunch of thugs. It’s a shame that a guy from Kansas, USA defends their brutality.

    • It will soon be “closed” permanently. The people of Flanders will become Dutch, as they are tired of the Walloons who love the madman Sarkozy and France. Walloon will go to the French, unless Herr Merkel decide to invade and take a piece of it, sort of like knocking out the wall to expand your “living room” at home.

      Muslims in Brussels will take over the city and declare it the seat of the new Islamic State of Europe. Then I will fly in for the ceremony, stopping only long enough at Brussels duty-free shop for the Belgian chocolates.

      • Brussels will have competition from France and Britain for the seat of the planned Islamic State. Maybe we will have a reality show competition, with representatives from each competitor city. They will have to demonstrate knowledge of Sharia law in practice each day. For example, we will bring woman into street with nothing on her head, and see who can give her the best beating. Or, we will see which of them can put feet on top of toilet seat, squat, and hit the hole, rather than mess on toilet seat.

        Besides, you’ll not be invited to the celebration, you Shia dog! Sunnis will rule the new Islamic Caliphate of Europe.

        After the secular infidel Europeans give us their continent, we will hire them to manage things for us.

        Then we will go after the Russians, and avenge the Afghan people!


        • Okay Osama, you crazy Wahhabi, you can have your little “caliphate,” which I know you really want because your rich father in Saudi Arabia would never let you be in charge of his companies, but you must allow me to have cut in European financial operation.

          I want control of all European airport duty-free shops. Plus, I want control of permit and license for all sexy shops, especially in Paris and Amsterdam. I have many young girls from Iran I need to put them to work there to raise money for my favorite charitable organization–Hezb ‘allah.

          By the way, before you make the next “tough guy” video of yourself stumbling around in mountains of Waziristan, please do something about that frumpy coat you wear, and maybe think about getting the Nancy Pelosi-style facelift, so you will always look excited, instead of so tired.

          Peace out, big Wahhabi, and watch out for the landmine while you out for your walk.

        • To: Bishop
          Dear Friend in Interfaith Dialogue,

          Sorry but I can not take the credit for being this “Babushka” you speak of.

          Yours in Peaceful Coexistence (at least until I complete my special project in secret underground facility),

          M. Ahmadinejad

  5. Hello! I want to buy from Russia used American car, but we have a lot of companies are not honest. Please Give links to your honest companies that sell cars and sent to the ocean. Thank you.

  6. How about Israel? Israel is still saying that Iran has immediate plans in place to build nukes. The US is only saying that Iran will have nukes within the next 15 years.

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