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    • Only because the guy in the photo is in Russian Navy. He is captain of Russian nuclear sub which is escort for new Russian Mediterranean fleet, sent to project power among small Euro and African countries, just like “good old days.”

      We are sick from US and UK ships in Black Sea, where their sailors chase the Romanian, Bulgarian, and Georgian girls too much. We will push them out until now.

      Maybe if you are in Italy, Spain, Greece, Libya, Eqypt, etc. you can see this man during port-call some day. Say hello to our comrade, but don’t buy him the drink. He will never leave your side.

    • This man is responsible for Sochi “welcome committee,” to welcome all nations to enjoy the beautiful Russian country for Olympic games. Here you see him welcoming the swimming contestants, and the black athletes from many african country.

  1. Uh.. a fat guy around a pool. This is exotic… how? The guy should have been arrested for a public display of indecency. Or, as Drew Carey says: If you don’t have a perfect body do the rest of us a favor and cover it up!

  2. It looks like one of the all inclusives resorts here in the Dominican Republic. The logo is visible on some of the photos but I cant quite make it out.

    You should do some research before posting. I added this site to my google reader to learn about Russia, but I regret it each day that passes by simply because you only post things that either have nothing to do or what you say about them is totally incorrect.

    Shame on you.

    You can see the Beer machine in the first photo, Presidente beer: http://www.presidente.com.do

    • you are right! Those Balticans should thank USSR for protecting them against western propaganda and inferior quality goods and products. If not for love and protection of USSR, Baltican countries would be like West Germany!

  3. Better to have one drunken Russian at the resort, then 100 Americans that are all trying to figure out where in the Pacific Ocean Dominican Republic is.

    • I´m so sorry boy, lukashenko took these pictures; I know it because I was with miss india in that resort when we saw them

  4. ‘destroy the United States and Israel, and wipe them from the earth’

    a like yer thinkin min’, ‘at wid be a gud idea like..

    • Yes, I love nothing more than a movie in which the “star” is a guy (Stallone) who ran to Switzerland like a little girl to avoid service in his country’s military during the war in Vietnam, then returned after it was safe, and then made millions of dollars portraying a HERO based on a VIETNAM VETERAN.

      Then there’s Mel Gibson, who’s father took little Mel to live in Australia for the same reason, only to have little Mel come back and play the “hero” in one of the best stories of the air cavalry in Vietnam. It made him look almost as tough as when he threatened the deputy sheriff who stopped him for drunk driving. How dare the police stop a movie star for driving drunk?

      I love Hollywood. It is one of my favorite places to operate.

      • As you probably know, Mel was pulled over because police thought they were dealing with a minor driving a car. This due to the fact that Mel is only slightly over 1.60 m tall and has to sit on a cushion to be able to look over the dashboard. Then he turned out to be drunk and abusive.

        A ‘hero’ ?

  5. They actually just swore to destroy Israel, unless I missed something. It’s funny to me, because I see so many similarities between Bush and Ahmadinejad, they’re like two peas in a pod.

    • You’re exactly the kind of person I’d love to see try to make it in a real dictatorship. You would fold in no time, and right before you either died, or sold out your family to get some relief from the pain, you’d long for the day when you could enjoy the freedom that other people secured for you. Maybe then you would see the difference. It’s just a shame you’re too naive and ill-informed of the ways of the world to see it now.

      Tell you what-take a trip through Iran and openly talk bad about Ahmadinejad, the government, and Islam, and then report back to us . . . if you can.

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