52 thoughts on “Russian Taxis”

    • In photo #3 she’s got nice long logs–straight ones with few knots.

      Photo #4 has nice tree with thick, healthy leaves with good lustre and texture, like the hair of wild forest woman who does not use chemicals on her hair.

  1. Picture 8 came from a French action movie (yeah, they can do it) named TAXI 3 (it’s a series, TAXI 1, 2, 3 and soon 4)). Sylvester Stalone did a cameo in the third one.

  2. I follow your blog for quite a long time and should tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  3. These pictures are very nice. It shows the historical growth of taxis in russia. The oldest one to latest one…..Love this pics…!

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