Russian Pyramids

Russian Pyramids 1

We have received a few reports lately about Russian people from different parts of Russia building many feet tall pyramid like structures. We don’t know exact reasons for the to do this, but some of them say they believe in unknown powers that can be drawn down to the Earth with the help of pyramids, giving supernatural powers to the owners of the pyramids like the ideal health or even immortality, at least this is what they say themselves. Here we have photos and videos from the three of different pyramid sights in modern Russia. All the structures are around hundred feet tall!

Russian Pyramids 2

Russian Pyramids 3

Russian Pyramids 4

Russian Pyramids 5

Russian Pyramids 6

Russian Pyramids 7

Russian Pyramids 8

Russian Pyramids 9

Russian Pyramids 10

Russian Pyramids 11

Russian Pyramids 12

Russian Pyramids 13

Russian Pyramids 14

Russian Pyramids 15

Russian Pyramids 16

Russian Pyramids 17

Russian Pyramids 18

Russian Pyramids 19

Russian Pyramids 20

Russian Pyramids 21

Russian Pyramids 22

Russian Pyramids 23

Russian Pyramids 24

Russian Pyramids 25

Russian Pyramids 26

Russian Pyramids 27

Russian Pyramids 28

Russian Pyramids 29

Russian Pyramids 30

and the video, it’s on Russian but you can view on of the pyramids from different angles:

via egomoscow, ntv, Valery Uvarov

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  1. There are quite a few of these all around Moscow. The miniature versions of these pyramids are also sold. Some keep them in the car others in their homes. Apparently they improve one’s “aura”.

  2. “unknown powers that can be drawn down to the Earth with the help of pyramids, giving supernatural powers to the owners of the pyramids like the ideal health or even immortality”

    My guess is pagan rituals, cult rituals, or some form of satan worship.

    • ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

      Now, D, for your first therapy session . . . look into these two round golden orbs, and visualize them as the bountiful breasts of nice Persian woman who wishes to suckle you like the baby. Do you feel relax? Yessss, just keep thinking these nice thoughts, and you will feel your anger slip away.

      Hugo C. sends his best wishes.

      Your friend,
      Mahmoud A.

  3. Very nice trees in the area, with good healthy layer of bark on the birch trees, especially.

    I think it is significant that the trees surrounding the pyramids are reaching up for the sky, to the same place where the tip of the pyramids points to.


    • If only the sick local dogs would learn from the trees and pyramids (keen observation, forester)- and look to the sky instead of sniffing poo- they too would have a healthy bark.

      Ahh, the wonders of modern scientific extrapolative reasoning.

      • You are correct. Local poo is contaminated by many things which affect bark of dog. If dog must be poo sniffer, make sure it only sniffs the high-quality poo, such as Putin Poo, which also does not stink and will not burn out dog’s sniffer.

  4. Everything is photoshop, with the exception of picture 4,5 snd 7. These are actuar pictures of earth from my super secret North Korean Saterrite I raunched whire you weren’t rooking.

  5. If you are trusting these structures more than your own doing when it comes to building your life and everything connected to it you can better give up on life straight away. Why are Russians so superstitious – they don’t trust themselves and they don’t trust others. That’s probably it.

    Supernatural forces will save Russia !! May the force be with you, Oh Russia !!

    • Perhaps not only superstitious, but in general more spiritual then most other nationalities. Even at the time of total state-enforced atheism Russians needed a God. That place was of course taken by Lenin. His image was on the wall of every good soviet citizen. Students, before attempting an exam or submitting their dissertations, stood in front of his image and asked him for help. In a moment of sorrow, people used to take his image, place it near then, and speak to it as if it was a real person.

      Then came the perestroika and religious freedom. And what happened? Instead of visiting the Mausoleum and attending demostartions people started visiting the Church and attending the Liturgy. Icons replaced the images of Lenin and the Bible replaced the Communist Manifesto.

      Yes, russian indeed needed, need and always will need something to believe in, otherwise the reality will simply crash them in an instance.

      • Well put !

        But I still think that actually dealing with reality will help more to build a powerful and sound Russia. Sometimes it seems everybody is numbed and simply trying to survive, instead of using their brain for creating a better world. Russians tend to overlook the fact that they are the architects of their own life and world. Why make yourself a victim of circumstances..

        It would be good for all Russians to spend a year in a western country, simply to understand more of the world in general and to get a different perspective on their own world/life. It worked for me.

        The elections again show the short term vision and numbness of most Russians. They overlook the fact that first they allow a former KGB officer [read: member of the most hated/feared tool of surpression] to become president [by voting for him: democratic indeed!], then they allow this man and his party to hollow out this same democracy from the inside [other parties have no chance anymore, United Russia controlling the media, all opposition is wiped away, total control of everyday life] and then they are lured into this personality cult [Putin made Russia strong again ! Hail Putin ! He put us back on the map as a world power!] resulting in a true ‘Putin Jugend’ and similar abberations. History is being rewritten [Stalin is more or less cool nowadays i.e.]. And now the constitution will probably be re-written in Putin’s favor. Etc. etc..

        What does all this resemble ? Indeed, the rise and domination of Hitler in the 30’s.

        Who knows where it will end…

        • I forgot to mention the legal system, which is not operating as it should according to the Russian law books.
          Also, the FSB can now tap all telephones without needing a legal ground. One cannot speak out freely on the phone anymore.

        • I was reading along, thinking that you made a lot of sense, and then I read the last line . . . and cracked up. ๐Ÿ™‚ That was a good one.

          By the way, you know you are going to excite Mahmoud A. with your photo of Lukashenko.

        • If you want to see the full picture, step out of the frame, that was what I intended to say.

          China is not a good country to do so, because it is also a closed society where most of the people have no idea about what is happening behind their horizon. I said western countries because
          – Russia is also a western country in the making
          – Russia sees western countries in general as enemies and slaves of the US, due to generations of spoon-fed propaganda, which is still going on. Russians in general are very biased/prejudiced and distrust almost everything.

          China might be a good example of how to make the turn towards a free market economy.

          I think I was actually quite objective in my presentation of the facts dealing with ‘democracy in Russia’ and Putin’s rise to power. You don’t think so ?

          • MaxD, everytime I read one of your posts I am able to more fully understand why I think and feel the way I do. You and I are of the same mind and thought. I hope individuals from Russia are comprehending what you are saying and what the ramifications will be/could be if they don’t open their minds and realize that they have been told for too long that the world is flat.

  6. This is bunker, nuclear missile site. Will bring back our days of glory!

    Of course we can sell all to other nations, with 10% commission included.

  7. Arn’t these just giant versions of those models which they sell?

    And the models are supposed to be able to “sharpen a blunt razor” so maybe the giant ones sharpen knives and chainsaws.

  8. Here is a link to the Research done by the Scientists responsible for these pyramids:

    My fav:

    -Experiments with about 5000 people in jails in Russia showed that in a few months most crimes almost disappeared and behavior was much improved. This was attributed to the salt and pepper added to their food which had been placed beforehand in the Pyramid.

    Check out David Wilcock at for the Sciencey bit

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