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    • oh ya? and let me guess, your a master photoshop wizard who could exactly recreate every one of these pictures??? let me guess, easily too eh??.. No one would take the time to light several pictures like this.. and if they did, on this magnitude and skill level they have.. they would have used Adobe Illustrator and used a mesh gradient.. but even than, for nearly 10 photos, who would want to waste a half a year of there time to try and waste our time for a half second?? really, think about it..

        • definitly not photoshopped.. im in multi-media production and designing and no damn one would waste there time on nearly 10 differnt angles of the back of a refridgerator to put in there back yard.. judging from the time of day that the photo was taken, the angles taken, and proper apperture/exposures on each angle and the incorporation of perfectly cast shadows nearly everywhere.. its extremely clear that these photographshave been taken by a legit photographer who not only knew when, where and how to take a photo, but a photographer who covered his angles and tried capturing his subject to the best of his ability so self oppinionted specialized dinks like yourself could examine and understand the subject to its full potential…

  1. These were part of the experiments do by the SU with Teslas work towards power transmission and communication. Pictures all over the place on the internet. Nothing mysterious or new about it. Or perhaps its a secret installation for taking over the world. Take you pick.

  2. Wow these are great, they look like giant parts from the back of a refrigerator !

    I like the industrial/nature thing going on here

  3. It’s good to see that they just let anyone walk up to power stations in Russia. You would figure with all the money they put into making it nice on the eyes they would have used a little more to put up a barbed-wire fence as well.

    • Под Москвой, рядом с Истрой кажется. Эксперементальная установка для генерации молний.

    • The main test equipment installations firm represented PEC TUR (Germany), designed to test insulation stresses thunderstorm and switching voltage pulses and variable frequency industrial, and the installation of its own design for test equipment pulsed currents.
      Information on the equipment test equipment are shown in table 1. Among the means of measurement, which is equipped with the PEC should highlight exemplary measuring system to enable calibration of the working method of measuring direct comparisons, in accordance with the recommendations of the IEC.
      The technical condition of equipment is checked annually, with its certification and with the testing of vehicles (sizing) measurements.
      In addition to the standard test and measurement equipment PEC is equipped with modern recording, including his own original design: elektronno-opticheskimi converters, photoelectronic umnozhitelyami, VOLS w

    • Yes, your link shows exactly what those pics are, but I don’t speak the language on that website. So I still don’t know what the objects are. Could you comment again using a few words in English? Thank you.

  4. here is what it is translated from russian to english by google:

  5. Serious high voltage equipment there. Most US equipment like this is in a very large building. Classic soviet project: CHEAP !

  6. 1) This is not a Photoshoped image this image is 100% legit
    2) This installation is located in the woods but there are house built all around it.

    The thing measures lighting strikes. I did a Babel fish on this site’s text and it runs experiments on lighting strikes.

  7. These are high voltage generators in the megavolt range. There are 3 types. The main ones are cascading transformers. There are also Cockroft-Walton voltage multipliers. The last photo in the distance shows a single tower which is a 9MV Marx generator.
    No Tesla coils at all. In fact the largest Tesla coils only just over 1MV with 55 feet sparks but these Russian HV generators are much larger and more powerful.

  8. I’m telling you, these pictures are fake. Here is legitimate picture of scientists standing at the actual facility in question.


    Have good day!
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  9. Is it a secret weapon? If so, please place it in the boxes and send it to:

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    • Too late,

      I already sent some of Bush’s men by to pick it up.

      We will have plenty of use for it in our own country, when the people realize they’ve been tricked.

      Together with our microwave pain-beams and the hovering taser-bots, I think it will all work pretty well.

      We can also use it to help our buddy Musharraf promote “democracy” in Pakistan too, now that we’ve helped them build their atomic bombs.

      Thanks for the tip, guys!

    • This is the secret entry of our Time Tunnel. The facility is closed since 1968. We tried to get classified information from USA scientist Irwil Allen, but we had nothing. Those two guys Tony and Doug are still lost in time, dressed with those 60’s suit and sweather.

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  10. based on what i could translate, and the photo on the website which shows a bolt of lighting flashing near the installation, i think this is an experiment to measure the effects of lighting on electric currents. basically a series of lightening rods with different sizes and shapes to accommodate different types and voltages of lightening

  11. i first thought your comment was directed at America, as it could apply just as equally to the US who ignores not UN sanctions but basic rules.

    • What, and whose, specific “rules” are you referring to?

      What country are you from? Please tell us the truth, and let’s compare notes of what our respective countries have contributed to the world.

      • Basic rules like those drawn up by the Geneva Convention. Under them, torturing prisoners is classified as a war crime.
        But the important point to bear in mind is that it’s not the USA that’s breaking these basic rules and the rules enshrined in the USA’s own Bill of Rights. The perpetrators are Bush and his administration who cheated his way into office and who needs to be tried along with his co-conspirators by the International Court of Criminal Justice and punished accordingly.

  12. It’s the prototype for the museum at Pompidou Square in Paris. Put some color-coded paint on those tubes and the relationship becomes obvious.

  13. did anyone notice the ad directly below the pictures…

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  14. it looks to be the cooling control elements for harvesting natural gas…but thats just my best guess, better than the rest of these comments talking about ass-raping russians.

  15. looks like a high voltage test lab,

    Siemens has the same kind of thing in berlin:

  16. This is Gravity Field Correction Device A-241/BIS already mentioned here: http://englishrussia.com/?p=699 Now it is used for realization of operated gradual shift of poles: ( http://englishrussia.com/?p=174)


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          I worry for your health when you get the angry too much.

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  19. What is this. looks like transfomer! Yeah !!! its not a transformer. Is this some security station. some thing of time of Cold war…..

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  22. Starting sentences without a capital letter is not proper English.
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  23. I reconize the configuration… It is a voltage multiplier.. Just a really really big one.

    in the world of very high voltages, you make things big and rounded so that you do not have arc-over. There is / was probably a high voltage / high frequency AC source that drove the thing. The output would be DC.

    I cant for the life of me figure out why it was built outside??? Unless used for some sort of EMP testing

  24. Blow-molding machine for Giant Robot rubbers, in case the Cheney Complex has a condition-2942 in its AGX-294/S11 or /S13 or does not like to swallow DSLEV-2921/S14 and /S03.

    Note the coloration indicating tickler capability.

    And yes, there is a cover to get in when it is used as an exercise club in operation.

  25. I still think it’s a water slide. Sure, there are a few technical inconsistencies, (like how would a rider make it “down”, since none of the upper “chutes” join any of the lower ones?) but, pfft…, details!

  26. I’ve been there at the site pictured, and it looks indeed quite bizarre.

    It has something to do with producing energy from lightnings. There was a huge pit (500m in diameter) next to these, with circular rails and some leftovers of aluminum dome.

  27. It seems as a huge, magnificent, Soviet-time built colossal variant of the so called Cocroft-Walton multicascade electrostatic accelerator (also known as a Dynamotron). The high-voltage transformers at the right are providing mega-Volts of electricity to the very core of the accelerator with those interconnected, cascading voltage doublers (picture No. 4), with some… my God 20 stages! Those vertical, top-positioned alluminum cylinders are actually capacitors. The metallic toroids are surrounding connection points, to prevent the formation of corona and flashovers.

    Indeed magnificent color snapshot of a very similar device is presented here:


    Perhaps some retired members from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research at Dubna will be able to present some further details about this indeed magnificent piece of engineering.

  28. To comment on Geneva, first one must know it. Fighting soldier with no uniform has no rights and can be shot on sight. “Uniform” is at least arm band to identify. Looking like civilian to hide is against Geneva Convention.

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  33. It’s a (3 or 4?, hard to tell from the pics)stage Marx generator (Ervin Marx – not that guy from comunism) it should reach up to 500kV (i’m judging by the number of isolataors) it seems to be used in 60’s-70’s.

    Only top left part in second pics could have been used as a tesla coil (that small ring), also the rezistors and capicators are antic.

  34. Tesla?
    Cockkroft Walton?


    Marx generators with spark ac dc conversion.
    (open air corona rectifier)

    Use: (very) high voltage testing of aircraft and rocket shell, and how they behave when struck by lightning(lightning simulator)

    And off course testing of HV ac transmission line material like insulators.

    This equiment is already built by Philips during second world war for nuclear research (High voltage particle accelerator), probably this has served a similar purpose, yet this way of nuclear research was already obsolete in 1950

    • i ‘saw’ something very similar in a dream a few years ago, dense and unfamiliar grasses and some trees.. im in austraia so its easy to recognise exotic plants. it was humming but the pipe shaped things were much rounder. coincidence, nothing more 🙂

  35. For some reason my browser doesn?t display this page correctly? Anyway, it was a seriously interesting post, hold up the great operate and i will be again for far more

  36. It’s experiments with marx generators
    And not that marx..lol

    A Marx generator is an electrical circuit first described by Erwin Otto Marx in 1924.


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