car was hit by metal bolt in Latvia 1

109 The Road Bolt

The Road Bolt

This car from Latvia was hit by the piece of metal from the car ahead. The car was moving with high speed and this bolt came all the way through this BMW. It smashed the windshield
come through all the car inner space, scratched the drivers seat and came out from the rear window. The most cool thing that the driver was not touched by it.
kiev, ukraine
57 Cool Ads on Kiev Streets

Cool Ads on Kiev Streets

These cool ads can be met on the streets of Kiev. For the first time you see it you
are get really surprised :) Watch the video down this page for the details:
subway train in Moscow looking like museum 1

35 The Moving Museums

The Moving Museums

We've mentioned already those special trains in Moscow subway. Here are some more detailed photos. Those trains are like moving museums with paintings of
some famous Russian artists set up on the walls of the cars instead of windows so people everyday can meet some art on their way home.
strange russian food 1

79 Not a Fish

Not a Fish

This Russian family from Ekaterinburg city wanted to have some fish dinner. They opened their fish tins, put the contents
of them into the plates and then the girl said: "Hey mommy, it's not a fish!". It's not a fish for sure.
moscow state university at night  1

87 Moscow University at Night

Moscow University at Night

This is the Moscow University building. Now they've got a super-green-beam lights on the top its towers rotating and sending light to all the sides. What
did they mean with this? That University is the source of en-light-enment? Or go study at our university and feel yourself a Mordor king?
fire in moscow 1

16 Random Moscow Fire

Random Moscow Fire

Last night there was a fire at some random place in Moscow. What's really strange is that there are no any
firefighter squads and the fire looks like not just began, but there are only some walkers-by around.
russian driving class 1

29 A Driving Class

A Driving Class

This driving class in one of Russian schools went wrong. That
concrete fence though seems to be not so tough against Lada car.
106 Kissing Soldiers

Kissing Soldiers

Probably many of us still remember this Soviet post stamp dated back at 1945 - at the end of WW2. There were a lot of
talks of its real meaning and now somebody has found its three dimensional realization in Soviet Army museum:
ice statues in Moscow Kremlin 1

13 The Ice Kremlin

The Ice Kremlin

These days in Russia there is also some winter kind of attraction in the Moscow downtown, right near the Kremlin. One can
see the ice-made statues and copies of the Kremlin towers which stand near the original bigger stone versions.
dolgoruki dressed like santa 1

16 Christmas Dolgoruki

Christmas Dolgoruki

So it's Christmas today and some people didn't forget to dress Count Dolgoruki, the legendary Russian hero the
founder of Moscow city into Santa. Some say it's a bad idea but at least he looks more holiday in a Santa suit.

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