Georiga: Photoshopped Special Forces

Georgia unrest pictures 1

Yesterday there was a lot of buzz in mass media about something going on in Georgia. Russian bloggers couldn’t leave this event unnoticed and also made their contribution, though they weren’t attracted by the political side of the question rather than by the strange masks the Georgia policemen wear. So at first they shared those pictures among Russian blogs actively and then first photoshops arrived. These are un-processed images of Georgian special force and their masks:

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Strange Fashion of Moscow Suburbs

Russian painted houses 1

Really strange fashion of painting psychedelic things on the walls of houses deep in Moscow suburbs seems to progress. This one is most impressive – just imagine all those common low-class people leaving inside those houses doing their everyday things like washing stuff or drinking or eating and watching TV, but now they don’t do all this things inside dull gray boxes of concrete but inside something that looks like just stepped out from Japanese animation..

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