The On-Ground Ferry

russian on-ground ferry 1

On these photos you can see something that is called “An On-Ground Ferry” in some parts of Russia. Some roads are to muddy to pass for the regular cars. They have only one way – to use an on-ground ferry – a four wheel drive truck on which they are being put and sit all the way through the muddy passage.

russian on-ground ferry 2

russian on-ground ferry 3

russian on-ground ferry 4

russian on-ground ferry 5

russian on-ground ferry 6

russian on-ground ferry 7

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    • Putin drives out in his monster truck and gives them a pull. His monster truck is known by travelers as the “Pooty Puller.”

      • я думаю, что ты на своем хамере отсосешь не нагибаясь.i think that you`ll suck on your hummer from our drivers.

        • I have the “breaking news” for you, my friend–Russian women coming here to Middle East to provide “services” to us, so I don’t need to worry about the “hummer.”

          Maybe if you had nice road, business would move in, jobs would be created, and your women would not have to “work” abroad.

          Yours in successful infrastructure development,
          Mahmoud A.

          • In US there are no prostitutes? At all of you richly live? You were in Russia? It is necessary to know answers, instead of to think out them!!!

      • I can see that your shame for the sad condition of your country has made you feel pain, and you wish to lash out at others.

        Come to Tehran, and I will arrange for the special “anger management” session for you, conducted by my friends in Revolutionary Guard Corps. Anything to help one of my Russian friends.

        Yours in tranquility and serenity,
        Mahmoud A.

        • Wow its funny to read that conversation but just couldn’t notice that you were yourself from theran and your name cant even be pronounced…not really in the position to talk about pain that your country causes you with the terrorists and poverty and crazy men who kill women for pride which they do not have and are despised everywhere else in the world. So I get if a guy from Europe or US talks like that about Russia..but its a little bit embarrasing when you come from a third world country..

  1. please educate me. Where are these people going? Is this some isolated part of Russia, Ukraine or something? One should think surely enough there are paved roads from a town to another, excluding small villages way out in the sticks.

    Who wants to go with a regular car on roads like in these pics? Honestly, I am puzzled.

    Another note: While the road are in a bad condition already, using ground-ferries will make them even worse, hence the need to do something on a government level…?!

    • You seems not to read this blog and for sure you’ve never been to any slavian country. The fact that there are 2 cities near to each other DOESN’T mean that there is road (as a definition from west).
      The other think that may happend, in the middle of nowhere you’ll find nice highway without access to national road system.

    • You creazy? Above the Europe fly US military planes!!! Your government has broken to you a brain. We fairly sell oil and gas, and you steal it in Iraq. Open eyes, get from a mouth a hamburger and look back around! The world not such as you it accept Bush. It is necessary to be grow wiser…

    • Man, Russia is is the biggest country in the world in terms of territory. That’s the real problem for some far corners, especially taking into account that population density is very low in some regions.

      However, there are good roads in western part of the country. There is a railroad system, which lets you go almost everywhere in well-populated parts of Russia. Government always spends a lot of money to keep all that infrasystem in usable state, but Russia is TOO BIG…

  2. Where is this ? Yakutia ? Taimir?

    I drove M55 across Amur region this summer but it did not look this bad.

    According to the trees it must be further up in the north.

  3. Quoted from a previous post

    “These shots were made this summer, on the route of the regional significance that passes between the cities Syktyvkar, Ukhta and Pechora. It’s hard to say much about the condition of the rest of the road, but this especial part the passing by drivers call “the lacet”. And looking at these pictures it is getting clear, that there is nothing strange in such a name, taking into account, that it isn’t off-road driving. Of course there are a lot of paved roads too in Russia, and some are being severely reconstructed in order to improve the road system, but it’s a great pity that such roads still exist.”

  4. is that really a mazda6, or are my eyes deceiving me?

    you must really love the Mazda6 to drive one in that region, where it seems a 4wd is not just nice to have, but a neccssity!!

    • It almost seems as if they’ve not made the connection between infrastructure development (specifically roads, bridges, power and water systems to support industry.) and a long-term plan for economic development.

      Build a road that goes from one population center to another, and someone will come along and invest in a gas station, an auto-repair garage, a small store, etc., along that road (in most places, at least). Every small bit of commerce helps support a job/family, and returns revenue to the state in the form of income/sales/property taxes.

      Site-selection consultants also look for reliable transport networks to get their product to market/s, as well as reliable power and water sources for their operations.

      The Russian idea of economic development seems to revolve around using oil proceeds to build another flashy up-scale shopping center or gated community for the rich. They’re following the Saudi model, rather than a western model. If and when oil ever nosedives, the party’s over for all of them. It’ll be back to the desert and the village for another exercise in survival.

      Meanwhile, the people in power will continue to ignore development, and media outlets in Russia certainly won’t report anything critical of the government, for fear of going to prison, being assassinated, or simply being beaten senseless by a gang of Nashi Russian youth. So, the average Russian won’t know just how hard they’re getting screwed over the long term.

      What a vicious cycle they seem to be subjected to by their self-enriching “leaders.” Look at what the Russian government is doing and/or trying to do to “railroad” the people of Sochi who own property related to plans for the upcoming Olympics.

  5. Now those are some wild roads! Looks like they will need more then just 4-wheel drive, seems they would need a good winch too! But I think those lucky guys with Hummers should not need a winch. : )

  6. If only all the roads were like this in Russia…,37.594239&spn=0.003269,0.010042&t=h&z=17&om=0

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  8. Maybe Kremlonauts should sit back just once and think if it would be any good to leave another submarine or missile system to boss around with, unbuilt, and lay down some decent roads instead?

    Actually, there’s no use of it – all funds and materials will be simply stolen before any of it will get to its destination.

    Keep digging in the mud, fellas!

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