46 thoughts on “Vodka Now and Then”

  1. I photoshopped this… as Russians have explained to me, vodka is not a part of Russian culture… it was forced, FORCED I say by Peter “The Drunkard” I.

    Or else, maybe they really do like the tipple…

    • they sure seem to be, and not a drop of russian blood in me. perhaps im russian by osmosis. i love these old photos posts, its why i come around. the anti spam word today was ‘vokda’- HAH! irony

    • Maybe not. The guy with the fixed bayonet is probably thinking, “my fearless leader couldn’t read a map, we got lost and wandered across the border into China, and now we’ve started a small “border war.”

  2. I love the pic at the top with all the balalaikas.

    Balalaikas are triangular stringed instruments. They rule.

    I love the big contrabass balalaika.

  3. Thanks for posting those old photos. I really enjoyed them! Everyone looked like they were having a good time with family and friends.

  4. The best thing about vodka. . . it gets you reallllly drunk!!

    (That guy with the missing teeth in photo 18 is my uncle Fyodor, hell of a harmonica player.)

    Anti-spam word : “VODKA” whoooo-hoooo!!! YES, a sign from God, I’m gonna get wasted tonight!!
    Slava Bogu!!!

  5. Somebody.. Is there any way to determine where picture number 4 came from? Like more info about what batalion or whatever it is??? If there is someone who can help with that, please reply. greatly appreciated.

  6. Hehe, in pic #4 some of the caps really look like having been photoshopped there 😛

    And what did the left-most fellow do with his flap (I wonder whether that is English..), was he giving it a good head bang in a drunken rage or something?

  7. The “mustache thing” to which you refer was a symbol of pride in their open homosexuality as they were the Gay Blades division of the Kyber Rifles Brigade.When they were not brutally raping their enemies to death they played balalaika rock band musik which like being in a modern rock band was proof of their gay pride. Now the samovar was not in that century called by them a samovar but instead was called a “bong”and was used for smoking “horse apple hashish” which came from the back of the horse. This would always be followed by much vodka and more gay Freddy Mercury mustache music.Then they would hope for another battle soon because they had already raped to death all the prisoners and were already starting to look at one another in a strange way as you can see in some of the photos. Probly to some of you these were “the good old days”.

  8. i think the man on photo # 16 is an vor v zakonye (thief in law), he’s got a tattoo on his hand, in that time tattoo’s were a prison thing.

  9. The lady in photo 15 is a hotsy-totsy Soviet mama. Look at those stockings, that cigarette, that blouse! She wants it bad. Sadly, it will be the toothless guy who gives it to her.

  10. wodka is actually Polish not russian, an old document was found that predated everything else from russia, also russia is a nation of alcoholics, over 3000 ppl per month DIE thru boozing

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