The Snow Horse

Russian Snow Horse 1

Usually, there are snowmen made in the winter by kids in different snowy playgrounds, but not this time. Meet the snowhorse with the police “keep-out” tape in place of the bridle.

Russian Snow Horse 2

Russian Snow Horse 3

Russian Snow Horse 4

And if to look bit closer, it has five legs…

27 thoughts on “The Snow Horse”

  1. Those five legs seem to be a perspective trick. That leg in the middle is either the back right or front right leg.

    I shall now refrain from making third leg jokes and click ‘add comment’ before the urge grows too great.

  2. I love it! Snow is like a blank canvas… why always create the same-looking snowman when you can throw in some creativity?

  3. Nice snow horse. The dirt inside the snow actually makes it look like this horse is very old. Didn’t notice the 5th leg at first though.

  4. Wow! Another way of creating art. Humans really have unlimited potential in creativity. Limitless imagination. Keep this up.

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  5. You have to admit, it’s a pretty remarkable carving. I mean, you can immediately identify it, instead of three balls that equal a “man”.

  6. i doubt that this is the work of one individual. but at least one individual has an artistic eye. that blob of snow doesn’t appear like a horse by accident.

  7. Very imaginative of the person who made a horse image out of snow. Though it could be better had they put details on it, it would pass for being a work of art.

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  8. I must admit, this has inspired me to try new things with the snow, instead of the ol’ tried and tested men.


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