Mc Duck

Fake Russian McDonalds 1

We’ve seen already fake gas stations, now they have fake McDonalds, like this one, called “McDuck”, in Russian city Petrozavodsk. They used the exact “M” trademark logo but also added some duck face for it..

Fake Russian McDonalds 2

Fake Russian McDonalds 3

Fake Russian McDonalds 4

Fake Russian McDonalds 5

And here it’s written “I’am loving it” translated to Russian and what’s most interesting it’s spelled incorrectly even in Russian..

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  1. Это либо фотошоп, либо они доверили написание стенда хачикам: читаем слово “нравиться” с лишним мягким знаком на вывеске…

    • Actually, the McDonalds logo in Russia is “Вот что я люблю” (and in Ukrainian: Я це люблю) and anyway, the logo in this photo IS spelt wrong – there shouldn’t be a ь (soft sign) in НРАВИТСЯ (e.g. the verb should be declined).

    • Word “нравится” in present continuous must be written without “ь” letter.
      About learning Russian. First comment written in perfect Russian, so , I think, root can give to you some lessons of the language.

  2. Oh this reminds me of the fake McDonalds in Yaroslavl. It was called something like макмастр and used the golden arches logo too. It seemed to be very popular with the locals and sold traditional Russian food alongside the fries and hamburgers.

  3. это не фотошоп – я три месяца был по делам в Петрозаводске и видел там это заведение, правда оно было закрыто (как и на снимках)

  4. Silly Russian entrepreneur pick animal (duck) for fake McDonald’s.

    Come to Tehran where we have more original very fast food restaurant–“McMahmoud’s.” There, you can buy food and support your local martyrs-in-training at same time, because percentage of proceeds go to “Mahmoud’s Martyr’s House,” a charitable organization working for the good cause–killing decadent Westerners and Wahabbis.

    • It’s not. But who cares? 😉
      Even in Moscow there are “fake” restaurants, for example there’s a Rostik’s-like place where I sometimes eat chicken (Rostik’s belongs to KFC).

  5. I also went to a ‘Pizza Hot’ in Russia..
    they did things different to pizza hut though.. and even had a monkey in a glass box. =S

  6. Petrozavodsk is a wonderful city. I miss it so much. However, I traveled all of the busiest business districts and do not recall having seen this establishment. I would have taken some pictures there for sure.

    Petrozavodsk is the capital of the Republic of Karelia. It is on the shore of the beautiful Lake Onega. The people are poor by western standards, but happy. They are patriotic, but for Karelia, not so much for Russia.

    In Russia, you get used to the fact that everything is pirated. You can NEVER feel comfortable in assuming that the products are associated with the western brands they bear, just because of the wrapping. They consider it a “tribute” to the brands whose wrappings they copy.

    When in Petrozavodsk, you must sample the locally-produced foods. The produce, cheeses, berries, Karelian cuisine, and especially the ice cream are worth the overnight train ride from Saint Petersburg.

  7. Haha almost the same as in Taiwan. There’s a Mister Donut fast food chain – look absolutely similar to McD. Don’t be confused with Mister Donut Japanese teashop chain – that’s different thing.

  8. Because my previous comment was deleted by censor, I tell it again – the name of this city is not Petrozavodsk, it is Karelias capital Petroskoi, occupied by Russia.

  9. No, poro. Petrozavodsk is correct. The people of that beautiful city call it Petrozavodsk. Even the ethnic Karelians.

    The Karelians consider themselves to be the most attractive people on the planet. When in Petrozavodsk, you can show the locals your intelligence and good taste by noticing. They will often remind you that Miss Russia 1997 (or whatever year it was) was a Karelian.

    Be sure to ask the people if they speak English. Their response will always be “Yes, of course!”, even if those are the only three words of English that they know.

    I wanna go back to Petrozavodsk. Soon.

  10. to those supposing photoshop: here is my post in a LJ advertising community about this stuff. photos made myself.

    to admins: what about a link to the original source of pics? 😉

  11. One VERY surprising find in downtown Petrozavodsk was the Saloon Sanchez, a very believable Mexican restaurant. I would recommend the fajitas.

    While there, you must also sample the local Karelian cuisine at the Old Karelian Restaurant, located across English Avenue from the Hotel Severnaya. Lots of elk, fish dishes, kraut, and local bread and potato specialties. And don’t forget the red berry drink!

    Scotty, beam me to Petrozavodsk! NOW!

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  13. U can’t buy coca-cola,fanta etc. in MAK DAK but u can buy Beer 😀 (visit last summer because this Englishrussia thing)

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  16. Nice to see my hometown;). But “I am loving it” is incorrectly too because of present continues, so maybe owners decided to include some similar feature into russian slogan.


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