Car of Wood

Russian car made of wood  1

This guy in Ukraine removed all the exterior metal parts from the car and replaced them with wooden panels which are used for the floor parquet. He modified the car itself too, now it looks like a semi-cabrio – one part of it is without roof and another side is covered with a hard wooden roof.

Russian car made of wood  2

Russian car made of wood  3

Russian car made of wood  4

There is also a video on the subject with extended description from Russia Today video channel:

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  2. Impressive workmanship, ugly final product. He tried to combine best of the both world and he ended up with trannie equivalent of a car.

  3. A very different take on a wooden car in the Houston Art Car Parade…

    Parade pictures…

  4. A great showcase.
    My own personal preference would be if he simply made ONE CAR instead of two grafted together.
    I would pay GOOD money to have the entire interior of my current car done over in wood instead of the sterile plastic it has now.
    Still as crazy as it looks it’s a stunning example of craftsmanship.

  5. when you give a Ukrainian some money, he is going to do something dumb. And when a Ukranian does something dumb, theyr’e going to ask for more money. And so is life….

    From page 12 of Dr. Zhivago:Russian mystery man.

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  11. vasile is one gifted wood craftsman but when he couldnt decide on the hardtop, or ‘cabrio’…the top is ugly …there ..I said it

  12. Amazing.. Good thought for the makers of the wooden car. Interesting to see a different car here in your site. i saved all the pics of the car and i didnt come across this. Awesome.. this show that CREATIVITY HAS NO LIMITS..!

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