Unknown Snow Circles

strange circles in Russia, Ekaterinburg 1

People from Yekaterinburg city started to report that some strange circles have appeared in many open spaces overnight on the ground – the pattern is visible thanks to the remains of the snow on the ground. These are the most hi-res images but below there are images from other places:

strange circles in Russia, Ekaterinburg 2

strange circles in Russia, Ekaterinburg 3

strange circles in Russia, Ekaterinburg 4

strange circles in Russia, Ekaterinburg 5

strange circles in Russia, Ekaterinburg 6

Like this two below – they were found in other places but remain each other.

strange circles in Russia, Ekaterinburg 7

strange circles in Russia, Ekaterinburg 8

There is no any evidence who have made them and if it’s possible to draw the snow circles with such a precision in the dark Russian night. Some people who have seen them doubt that this is a man made thing, though as always. I hope some more information would follow soon.

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  1. Seems like too much effort to be manmade as I doubt someone would waste time to create it. However any chance it could be created from the vibrations of the metro?

    • I agree with you, it’s not made by humans but instead by vibrations in the nature (no aliens, sorry). The metro seems like a good explanation. The patterns resemble 2D resonance patterns of waves.

  2. Though it’s an entirely different physical mechanism, this reminds me of “sorted patterned ground” effects seen in parts of the world bordering permafrost tundra. Areas with lots of tiny stones get exposed to repeated cycles of freezing and unfreezing, which somehow shifts the stones into ring patterns. For example, this.

  3. Yekaterinburg subway is not that big, and it must’ve passed directly below that particular area to make enough vibrations, i’ve never been to the city, but it doesn’t look like an area where a subway station would be. perhaps it’s due to something more natural..

  4. Here the fullest list of references where now is described this phenomenon:
    Other similar cases:

  5. Looks like an AIRY disk function for diffraction of light through a circular aperature. Microwaves?

  6. Look at the spacing of the circles. They are not even, they are in “railway tracks”. And each clear line is about the width of a boot. This is made by someone shuffling round and round in circles or something of the kind. He may have tied a rope to one leg to control the radius or he may be doing it freehand, er, freefoot perhaps. But it is definitely the deliberate act of a human.

  7. I tend to think these circles are created by the undulations in the ground around them. If you look closely you will notice the path has been missed altogether (because it is a flat surface and has no undulations) which in my mind suggests this is a natural phenomenon. It is rather like sprinkling flour over a pattern on the ground, the fine grains will cover the shapes and produce a similar effect. It is possible some years earlier the ground was used for something other than a playground and these patterns although not noticeable until they are covered with snow, were always evident.

  8. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  9. They are beautiful and relaxing to look like . The fine spiral edging that seems to melt away from itself from the center and give new meaning on life to all of these hard working people and life styles !?!


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