Russian Bus Drivers

Russian driver sleeps in bus 1

We have mentioned that Russian small bus drivers are usually from the Southern ex-USSR countries like Tajikistan or Azerbadjan and they are often homeless, so sometimes you can see such a scene in Russian cities – a small bus that carries passengers in the daytime stays somewhere in silent place and inside there is a man, simply living – sleeping or eating etc.

Russian driver sleeps in bus 2

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  1. That`s the reality of Russian/Ukrainian life. Poor and proud, trying to say they are the smartest people in the world. First in space and bla bla bla

    • And the reality of American life is fat and lazy, trying to say they are the smartest people in the world. First on the moon and bla bla bla.

        • Sorry to dead your conspiracy theory, but they actually did land on the moon. Russia watched (from their own spacecraft orbiting the moon) as it happened and would have been the first to call them out if they were faking it.

          • Show us those Russian pictures of the landing! You can’t.

            Russians were too ashamed to admit they forgot to remove a protective plastic cap off their camera. They saw nothing.

            Ignorance Is Strength.

            • Why do you hate Freedom? Show us those Russian pictures of the landing you promised us! Where do you hide those Weapons of Mass Information? Ah? In Iran? I thought so.

              You know what I think you’re a terrist. Yeah, you are a terrist, you hate Freedom, you hide WMI in Iran, you won’t show us the pictures. You hate AmeriKKKa!

              Be prepared for a visit from a US Government Torture.

          • D – Russia did NOT watch from ‘their own spacecraft orbiting the moon’!, and i believe they actually did claim the moon landing was faked at the time. As to whether it was faked or not, there is a large volume of evidence saying they did go. However, there are some very good points made by the conspiracy theorists that have never been answered. It seems pretty undeniable if you look at all the evidence both ways that some of the footage of some of the later missions was faked. The most damning is probably the duplicated foreground s with hundreds of identical rocks but different backdrops in the mission 16 footage. It supposedly shows two different sites but if you overlay them they clearly show the same foreground scene or set, with different props (lander etc) and a different stage backdrop. Finding footage of that on any conspiracy site should be easy.
            Whether that means that they NEVER went, or just that some footage has been padded or touched up for some reason, is another question.

      • I am not fooled by any media. I live in america and work with americans. And they do not work harder, and they are also not rich. Maybe up to and the generation right after WWII, but not anymore. You are not poor becuase of the mass immigration that happened in the late 1800 to early 1900 that built this country. You stand on their shoulders, and now this generation is spoiled. America is losing its lead in almost every area and jobs are being taken by harder working immigrants and overseas. American schools are failing againts others worldwide…most of the population knows nothing in world outside of their immediate life. More people know who paris hilton is than putin. You think you are soooo great because you were born into a system that you dont deserve to be a part of. You’re ignorant and egotistic, not to mention clueless.

      • Not to diminish the Russian contribution to solving WWII, but an often overlooked fact is that Russians forces could advance so fast because of American aid.

        The United States provided the Soviet Union with approximately USD 11 billion in aid. Great Britain and Canada provided the Soviet Union with an additional USD 6 billion in aid. Both figures are for USD values in 1945. Since 1945, Soviet historians have tended to downplay the significance of Allied lend-lease efforts. During the course of the Second World War, the Western Allies sent 811 ships to Soviet ports filled with lend-lease aid.

        Check this book:

        • yeah of course USSR got aid from USA, but in my opinion one live is worth more than 10000000 billion or what ever. Besides that, the main reason why USSR could fight the war so effictivly is because Stalin wanted to attack Europe as well, but hitler was first. So USSR had to make the army that was preparing for an attack, immediately let prepare for an defense.

          • The Russian army was not at all prepared for war as you would know if you read your history books. Why do you think Hitler’s attack at the USSR was so successful at first ? He was dealing with an unprepared and poorly equipped opponent.

            The overseas aid was given in the form of hardware, not money, like trucks i.e. You could see Dodges and Studebakers all of a sudden on the USSR side.

            • please….maxd what i’m talking about are facts that were given free by the FSB not so long ago, Stalin had a whole army hidden to attack Europe himself.

      • Russians would do well to remember some things about beating the Germans in the Second World War: if it hadn’t been for Britain fighting Nazi Germany alone until 1941, and US aid to the USSR and lease-lend to the UK (which the UK paid for – the final repayment was a couple of years back), the USSR could not have fought off the German invasion.

        btw, Germany would have had to invade the UK before it got much of the rest of the world. It never seemed to be in a position to do that. And for that, we can thank the RAF in large measure – the RAF which contained lots of superb pilots from many occupied nations, notably Poland.

        And on top of that, the success of the Manhattan project meant that no matter what, Germany would have lost – thanks to US industrial power and a huge amount of work by a large number of very clever scientists from all over the world.

      • If they have money for a camera, then they obviosly have money for a filter. And if they are taking pictures and breathing then they obviously have money for food. And since you say these kinds of things, you must have serious self esteem problems because you try to make yourself seem superior to Russians by spitting unfounded claims.

        • in a previous post you can see how the poor russians drive in the most expensive cars in Moscow. Russian population below poverty line is 17% declining, while in the US its 12 % and rising. And the country where you;re from (i geuss south ex USSR republic) is even poorer, so give the computer you’re using right now back to the only shop in town, the man is trying to make a living for gods sake.

          ow yeah for the facts check then click on factbook its on the right, you can get much info from that site.

          • as for the months salarys, could you image that someone in Uganda got 1000 dollar a month??? he could buy a whole village with that money. I’m trying to say that in every country as well as the salarys and the consumer prices are different. In Ukraine the average pay a month is about 400 dollars/ a month, i geuss in Russia its about 500 dollars am month maybe little more. But the point is that these people don’t need 1000 dollars a month because the prices aren’t that high.

            My grandmother in Ukraine (that’s a bit poorer than Russia) gets 35 euro’s a month for her retirement. And she can live with it, she’s not rich or poor she’s just making a living. My other grandmother and granfather together get 90 euro’s a month, and my father helps the whole family if they need help, because he makes 1100 dollar a month and he easily miss a little bit of money.

          • If you wan’t to buy fancy clothes and fancy jewelery of course its little, but i’m talking about food and rents pay.

            Well if you can find other sites (FSB or something) with info, i’ll be gladly to hear about it. Anb because it fgits you opinion your not believing that site, and living in 2004???? what’s so unclear about it???? one figure is from 2004 the other is from january 2007.

              • I’m russian and no-one tells me what to do. I decide for myself whether or not I am proud of my country.
                I’m not. It is so corrupted and sick to a cartoon-like level.
                It is worse than the US has ever been in terms of money-is-GOD.
                I’m still proud of the people who live there, I respect them, the backbone of this country, who kept it up and alive during hard times.

                The same people who now have to beg in subway stations and are being overlooked. Also the people in the countryside, rural Russia – it is like they do not exist, are just a statistic.
                In some regions in Siberia voting has already begun. An old woman was being interviewed by a TV channel. She said she was hoping for better transportation routes and a mobile telephone network. I don’t think it’s going to happen in the coming generations.

                Check also this link for another report:

  2. As someone who is American and also worked in Russia, while Russia is an interesting place, most Russian’s couldn’t wipe their ass without first checking with their supervisor. We’re not perfect here int he US, take Detroit…please, but overall hundreds of millions of people, and lots of Russians would be here in 2 seconds if given the opportunity. The EU is hot right now, fine, go live there, if you go there as an immigrant, you’ll most likely die as one. In the US, you can come here with nothing in your pocket and die with billions. I’ll take our system over any in the world. Those anti-US folks, go sip your vodka and suck on sour grapes.

      • mmm, like many other countries, russia is running on outdated systems. It’s only emerged into the westernized ways not long ago so it might take a while for it to catch up. It is the fault of society, not the people individually. eventually they will upgrade and since they have many mineral resources will once again become major world power. (well, technically theyre almost there already)

      • D, I don’t feel I’m better than Russians. I’m not saying that at all. The tone you used in your posting made it appear that you really dislike Americans. There are many people in the U.S. that hate it here and I always wonder why they don’t just leave. (shrug) Peace. 🙂
        P.S. How long have you been in the states and what brought you here? 🙂

    • Russians [and E-Europeans in general] work a lot harder and show more motivation and ambition than the average european/american. The latter are numbed by their prosperity and became slow and lazy, the others have the best motivation there is: to escape poverty !

      Russians in general are suprised by the poor attitude they meet abroad.

  3. I have seen people in the USA who secretly live in their office because rent is too expensive and they can’t afford it. Looks like he is just taking a long break. This would not be uncommon as I am sure he works long hours and a good rest can do the mind and body wonders.

  4. It’s so easy for everyone around the world to blame the US for all their problems and all problems around the world. Instead of just jumping on the band wagon try to get some information and then come back with a well thought out rebuttal or ‘stab’ at the US people. First off, most Americans are very hard working, it’s only the small group that chooses to do nothing and drive around in cars that cost more than their house and get money from the government. Also, more worldwide aid comes from the US than any other country in the world. Instead of fighting each other we should be joining and making the world a better place. All the borders should be open and everyone should be free to move about the world without hinderance. The problem is that most of the leaders around the world (yes, including BUSH) have their own agenda and dont care if it’s in the best interests of the global population. There are a bunch of old dudes in expensive suits who get smacked around by their wives every night running the global governments and it’s about time for a change. So before you blame an entire population for the problems around the world, or group them all together as ALL being lazy or useless, stop and think. Acthung BABY!

    • The US is one of the worst countries were it comes to charity. Check for some figures. Small countries like Holland, Luxembourg or Denmark are donating more than the US, who is not even on the list officially.

  5. You’re too simple.

    It’s better to look ahead and try building a good environment for all instead of looking back and raving about how great this or that was. It’s no longer relevant. Learn from past mistakes, that would be good.
    Russia has all the resources a country will ever need to be a world power. It’s still doing poorly in general and only catching up in a few sectors sofar.

    Short term vision and a deeply rooted minority complex resulting in ‘prestigious’ projects and showing off are IMO a core flaw.

    The lack of introspection/self criticism which is deeply rooted in Russians in general or so it seems is also not helping. On this forum we see a lot of proof for this statement, btw..

    • I agree. The man works hard, and needs some rest. You can find that picture in any country you go to. And when he’s NOT sleeping, I’ll bet he’s one of their best drivers too.

  6. I would like to wish a very happy Thanksgiving to all our american friends.

    As a sign of good will between the people of Canada and the USA, I would like you all to see this video

    Oh, say! can you see by the dawns early light
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilights last gleaming;
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
    Oer the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there:
    Oh, say! does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    Oer the land of the free and the home of blah blah blah, blah blah blah.

  7. This site is antirussian propaganda. They just show only worst things of russia and dont show good things.You can find poor people in any country even in Luxembourg or Ireland.And yes russians are smartest people in the world.

  8. “something cool happens daily on 1/6 of the Earth surface”

    What cool is in life of poor and homeless bus driver?
    He does not differ from millions other poor people in Russia. God damned RICH and PROUD Moscow doesn’t care of them, doesn’t see problems of these people.

    Yep, verry funny. Specially in winter, when petroleum is freezing.

  9. Ontopic, what was the brand/model of that minibus again?

    An by the way, why do all the signs look so formal, as if they where designed by some kind of metropolitan transit authority or something, which confusses me, cause you said in some other post that those minibuses where run by illegal operators in moscow, meaning not by some kind of TA, so i the question is… is this formal or informal bus ran by who and where???

    And if it’s formal, shouldnt it be in some kind of parking lot during the nite??

  10. some of you are so full of hate and hostility… so sad. I sincerely hope that some day you’ll come to your senses and stop being so arrogant and conceited (both of you russian and american folks)

  11. The Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabets are a little different
    from the Russian ones.
    There are Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabets on the bus.
    So I don’t think this is a Russian bus driver.

  12. It’s not Russia, it’s the Ukraine, so my hide disrespect for the author of these photos who does not know geography.

    Second, if these migrant workers have no place to live in, so let them go away to their mountainous and desert auls. Good riddance!


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