33 thoughts on “Jamaica Porsche”

  1. I like the colours in the car but the smoking motifs are silly-this is how you can instantly strip any credibility you may have away from yourself in an instant 😀

    • Depends on what part of the country you’re in. In Seattle, the police have a policy that states that they won’t deal with anything Marijuana related unless there are literally no other crimes whatsoever to deal with, which there always are. Marijuana related offenses are of the absolute lowest priority and we even host Hemp Fest every year with very few problems from the fuzz.

  2. Seems like the car was “tuned” by the Swiss company Rinspeed. The 8 piston front calipers gave it away. Ugly, like most of the things Rinspeed does, but 600 HP (after engine conversion) sounds OK.

  3. The low cost and low tech version of high cost and high tech car.i really like the attempt of the builder of this car to enjoy the true feeling of RICH.

    • Yes,i do agree with you with some reservations.we can`t dictate others to obey our type of views .might be they are wrong but we should respect their attempt to change their `CLASS` ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !.BUT PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF CLASS SOCIETY.there is no class but the wealthy or poor! ! ! ! ! !.

      • I’m referring to the ‘class’ which results from generations of unbiased good education, hopefully resulting in a well developed system of ethics and respect for your fellow human being, no matter his background or status.

        Noblesse oblige.

  4. I like the car, but I would change the color to beautiful red. Also, I would centrally change the cannabis leaves to lilies or white roses.

    – and I would have a chauffeur 🙂

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