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  1. Good timing. i used to keep a camera with me at all times in London waiting for something photo-worthy.

    Since I’ve moved to a phone without a camera I seem to see a hundred things everyday!

  2. I love this site. It has crazy drivers, lots of weapons, and hot Russian women (see Russian beauty pageant post on this site).

    That’s what I love about Russia–it’s still a country where a man can be a man, instead of some kind of wilted milquetoast who constantly tries to gain approval of others. Plus, their president is an expert in martial arts, and is not afraid to walk around with his shirt off (see photos of his vacation).

    Long live Putin! Long live Russia!

    • 1. “a country where a man can be a man.”
      Can men NOT be men in Russia? Are you insisting that Russian men are in fact “milquetoasts,” or that Russian men constantly try to gain approval of others? My, how it’s changed since I was last there.

      2. “their President is an expert in martial arts.”
      Putin has allowed himself to be photographed while engaging in JUDO (or some variation of).

      3. “(Putin) is not afraid to walk around with his shirt off.”
      “Der Spiegel” ran a series of photos of Putin while he was fishing in Russia. He wore brown boots, green pants, and NO SHIRT.

      Now, please tell me which of my statements that you cited is “highly inaccurate.”

      I think most people who have been to this site know it is meant to be “light hearted,” but that includes the comments as well as the original photos and posts.

      Relax. 🙂

        • John from Kansas,

          You make a lot of profound observations about Russia, so I assume you have a lot of experience there.

          Tell us about your time in Russia. Tell us what you did, where you went, and what you saw.

          Which cities did you visit? Did you stay in “western” style hotels, or the ones most local people use? Did you use a professional tourist guide, or travel on your own? Were you there in the summer, or winter? Were you there for business, pleasure, or both? Did you ride a train? Did you fly Aeroflot in-country? Did you spend time in the apartments or dachas of local people? Did you ride along with a local person in their car? What were your encounters customs police like? How about local police?

          Thanks in advance for sharing.

      • …”hot Russian women (see Russian beauty pageant post on this site).”, uh, I think it’s generally agreed that the women shown on the 2007 pageant page are generally, not all that hot. There’s a couple, but overall they’re kind of mid level hot or really just not at all. Look at Miss Moscow for instance, she looks like Nellie from ‘little house on the prairie’, and can’t deny that miss Omsk has shoulders like a man and it looks like something strange happened to her lips.

  3. The photographer must have known the road was dangerous, probably watching from a nearby building, had seen many cars sliding on the ice/snow, got camera ready for next crash.

    • Probably you’re right, except that «nearby building» thing. Imho, that was photographer’s apartment/balcony; I don’t think he/she would sit on the roof risking to freeze his/her own azz to ice just to make a couple of silly pics. 🙂

  4. Wow those are some amazing action shots! ! I am in envy of his camera and his photo skills. Bummer for the owner of the car as well look like a very expensive repair…

  5. Boris,

    Haven’t we had this discussion before? I told you to stop exporting your weird Russia customs. People of developing nations, please ignore Russia. It is not to marry animals.


    • LOL

      Where do you get these things from? 🙂

      You have a rather strange fascination, Texas1. Does it derive from your experiences as a child?

  6. He couldn’t contain all that racial hate inside himself anymore. He was puffing and puffing, puffing and puffing – and finally exploded 🙁


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