Nazi Robots

nazi robots 1

These days many Russian online communities hit by the discussion of these photos. They were published in one popular Russian blog and the guy who published claimed that he has found the unique rare photographs of his grandfather from WW2 when he encountered the Nazi Robots. Of course many didn’t believe this and found the same things are in Lucas “Star Wars” movie, but many were fooled and this caused a big buzz, spread across many blogs.

nazi robots 2

At least this is one of a few posts when the comments can be “photoshop” for sure..

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    • It’s not that good really.. just takes a few r*tards to decide to believe it and it gets popular.
      Personally if I was going to fake something from WW2, I wouldn’t take it out of an 80s movie.

  1. Now if only we had the photos of the allies and their little jets flying circles around their legs wrapping them in cable and taking them down for the count.


    Not a very good photoshop (although gimp is better). They just colored it grey and put a swaztika on it.

  3. There is still one in storage at a secret underground base east of the Urals. The Soviets took it from Poland as the Germans fled back toward Germany.

  4. You would have to be pretty light upstairs to believe those were real. Is there anyone on the planet that hasn’t seen Star Wars yet?

  5. You know what you dumb russians!!!! That photo is photoshoped but not in old times (cause old times didnt have photo shop) but was done in new times by some nazi loving nerd who thought it would be funny

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  7. (hahahahahaha) This goes good with the Nazi (UFOs). Must be a secret Panzer unit. Nazi storm troopers (LMAO)!!! For sure it is photoshopped, but whoever did it is a genius for it looks pretty real. The colors match perfect except for a little darker. All we need is “Darth Vader” in his black outfit with (SS) insignia and armband (LOL).

    Must be one of “Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikovs” tanks (hahahahaha), or else my grandfather’s in the (1st ROA)
    “SS-Panzer KampfgruppeReimann” (LOL).

    Nice pic!

    Make a Soviet (UFO) above it and there you go!!!

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  9. What a bunch of crap, I thought those walking tin cans were stupid even in the original movie. How do you go from having a huge battle star weapon to having tin cans walking with legs ready to fall over? There was a lack of imagination making that film.


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