Inflatable Missiles Close-Ups

Russian inflatable missiles 1

Long time ago we have already showed the inflatable air defense complex that looks like a real thing from satellites thus is intended to fool the space spectators about whether or not real missiles are installed on some site. This time somebody got real close to the real working one not in the exhibition but in real world.

Russian inflatable missiles 5

Russian inflatable missiles 2

Russian inflatable missiles 3

Russian inflatable missiles 4

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  1. actually these inflatable military vehicles are no Russian invention – they were already used by the British in WWII just before the invasion of the Normandie to fool the German. They thought the invasion would start elswhere and ka-chinnng! they landed far more west in France.

      • actually even before that all they were used by chinese during warring periods (around a little before the middle and dark ages of europe)

        • Before that they were used by cave-dwelling hunters. Yeah, they had blow-up dummies of big wooden clubs, and they used them to scare the neighbors in the next cave.

          Or, if a guy wanted to take a wife but didn’t want to hit her on the head hard enough to kill her before he made little cavemen with her, he would just hit her with his blow-up rubber club, and then drag her off to his cave. It really cut down on the number of dead brides, and led to the sharp increase in human population.

    • Yes, with little one difference: this looks like real thing almost in all spectral ranges, especcialy in radio and infrared. This effect achieved by special “metallized” cover and by inplanted thermo elements. This thing have exactly the same spectral picture like the real “warm” S-300/400 complex. It will be very hard for unmanned “Predator” or for any fighter with radio locator or with OLS to distinguish the real rocket launching system and the fake…

  2. Can you sell me some of these? I like to use them to make joke and scary my friends in Persian (yes! It is Persian!!) Gulf. 🙂

    • LOL. But careful now, those are convincing enough to get
      bombs dropped on your head. Bush/Cheney don’t need much of an excuse to attack you.

      • Yeah I know what you mean. I stuck out my tongue at Cheney when he was crossing the street. Before I could hit the unlock button on my car keys, my car exploded.

      • No problem. I invite them to Tehran for tea and smoke the hookah pipe for peace. Except I put the hashish in the pipe, and put the, ahhhh, how you say . . . date-rape drug in the tea.

        Then I will have my big sexy friend Lukashenko from Minsk come in from hiding in back room and we make the sexy video with all of them. When they go home they will tell the people they had the very good “negotiations” with Tehran, and all is well.

    • I’d like to know that as well. I assume the building behind the “trucks” in the first photo is some kind of rocket museum, since you can see a tall white one through the glass. Unless, of course, it is also fake. 🙂

  3. Sun-Tsu wrote: “If you are weak, pretend to be strong”

    One of the ancient warlords had not enough horsemen to conquer a castle held by his opponent. So, the night before the planned attack he gave an order to produce mock-up horsemen, using straws, ropes and stuff. These oversized ‘horsemen’ where strapped on to real horses. The horse were chained with a rope, and one man led them to travers atop of a nearby hill, far enough not to blow their cover, but visible as the moon was behind them.

    The opponent saw the huge ‘warriors’ riding in silence, apparentely encircling his castle. It looked like the attacking party was much stronger than anticipated. A panic hit the guards and once they abandon their posts, it was like a snowball rolling down the hill.

    When the warlord prepared his troops for the real attack by dawn, he was informed that a white-flag had been hoisted to atop of the castle. No battle was needed since most of the defenders of the castle had escaped during the night.

    • There is a book called “Bodyguard of Lies,” that tells about deception operations used by some of the Allies during WWII. The title is taken from one of Churchill’s quotes, I believe. To paraphrase–it was something about the need to protect the truth so much that it must be wrapped in a “bodyguard of lies.” Churchill said it much better, of course.

  4. If you play the enemy, do you have to attach those inflatable missiles we’ve all seen on internet sites (,onto you’re vehicle?

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