Russian Way of Soccer

soccer (football) in Russia 1

Soccer is very popular in Russia. You know how do they call it in Russian and in all Europe they call it “Football”. So they play it even in winter but in winter it often looks like this yesterday’s game of two Russian major teams “Shakhtor” and “Dinamo”. It’s almost a “snowccer”.

soccer (football) in Russia 2

soccer (football) in Russia 3

soccer (football) in Russia 4

soccer (football) in Russia 5

soccer (football) in Russia 6

soccer (football) in Russia 7

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soccer (football) in Russia 9

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soccer (football) in Russia 11

soccer (football) in Russia 12

soccer (football) in Russia 13

soccer (football) in Russia 14

soccer (football) in Russia 15

soccer (football) in Russia 16

soccer (football) in Russia 17

soccer (football) in Russia 18

soccer (football) in Russia 19

soccer (football) in Russia 20

soccer (football) in Russia 21

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  1. Ekhm, they’re UKRAINIAN teams – Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv. If you don’t know the difference between Russia and Ukraine (and it seems you don’t) – see it in any encyclopaedia.

    • Ah well if you cant beat them… 😛

      They are playing sport Boris they should be hotter than usual, specialy in those socks !

  2. [You know how do they call it in Russian and in all Europe they call it “Football”]

    Well, as football was invented in Europe we have the right to call it like we want. And it’s name has always been football.

    In that sport that you call football in the USA there are only 10 or 15 kicks in all the game. It doesn’t make sense calling it football. It’s interesting to see, but you should call it “american rugby”, not “football”.

    • There are lots of different sorts of football. Association football is one; rugby football is another. Association football was invented as a compromise between several different versions of the rules of the game as played at public schools and universities.

      Not everyone joined in, and so the two rugby football associations were (eventually) formed. Most of association football’s original rules derive from Harrow football which is quite a strange game.

      They still play some very old fashioned and very rough versions of football on some of the Scottish islands.

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  4. These are major Ukrainian teams. It is as cold in Ukraine as in Germany or Austria.

    These pictures show how nasty football authorities are in Ukraine. In any other country they would postpone the match but as I can see, not in Ukraine.

  5. Football or soccer. This sport is a very important way to join people around all the world, the most important is the fair play. The most important is not to win, but to take part.
    By the way I’m Brazilian and I admire the Russian footbal and culture.

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