Pigeons Attack

Russian pigeons 1

People report that this couple a lady and her son were walking across the street and then the boy decided to drop a piece of his cookie on the ground to feed the single pigeon. Then suddenly hundreds of hungry pigeons appeared making a real live carpet of pigeons. Watch it:

Russian pigeons 2

Russian pigeons 3

They had to drop all the cookies they have to get out of the surrounding pigeons.

29 thoughts on “Pigeons Attack”

  1. This is very nice photo with young boy feeding pigeons to be nice.

    It reminds me of when Lukashenko pats me on the head and calls me his little “Persian pigeon.”

  2. If you look closely there are only 3 pidgeons that are copied and pasted all over the photos. Which leads to one conclusion: photoshop.

  3. For a second, i really wished this photo series was going to end with the little boy getting eatened alive by the pigeons…

    Needless to say i was deceived.

  4. They are nothing but flying rats. They they mess they make can make yo vomit. If people keep feeding them, they will always be a problem in every major city.

  5. Your pigeon story of the young mother and her little son feeding them cookies was sweet and delightful. Even though pigeons can sometimes make a nuisance of themselves, they are still God’s creatures and he knows when they are being treated kindly. Please show more pictures of this nature where mankind pauses to do such kindnesses as the little boy and his young mom did in this pigeon story ! Thank you.

  6. omg look at the last picture. there’s a very strange pingeon, green and slim in the bottom right corner of a picture..
    this is so russia.

  7. I was a victim of the pigeons in Russia too!!! This happened in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia.
    This one time, I was waiting for the tram (Traimvay, for anyone who is a speaker) after school. I was dying of hunger, so I went and spent my monthly allowance on an eclair in a near-by bakery and, as I was eating it on the tram stop, I got surrounded by the pigeons, two of which started attacking me! Literally, biting my hands, getting into my face — I was afraid they were going to take out my eye! And this didn’t just happen once — they kept attacking — 4-5 times! It was crazy! Everyone on the tram stop was involved in trying to get them off of me, but the only thing that saved me really was getting on the Tram which, for once, was on time. One of the pigeons actually tried to get on the tram, too, but the doors closed right in its face! (HA!)
    My hand bled! And I was actually very scared of having caught some infection that pigeons carry, but thankfully I lived to tell the tail!
    No one believed my story (especially, my music teacher, who wouldn’t take a bleeding hand as an excuse to not play the piano that day), but now I feel better because I know things like this don’t just happen to me!
    What a waste of an eclair though…


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