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  1. Note to self: Never ever use Russian roadways!

    A lot of those accidents didn’t need to happen.
    They were preventable by simple things such as barriers and signs.

  2. Во всех эпизодах за рулем были пьяные американские и израильские дипломаты !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Speeding, overtaking on the right, ignoring red lights, not paying attention, ignoring blind spot, basically ignoring all traffic and traffic signs. And using your mobile phone in the meantime. Or watching a DVD while driving.

    That sums up the russian driving style.

  4. That’s not quite correct statistic. 2/3 or Russian land area is permafrost. Only crazy would build paved roadway in permafrost. The rest of Russia also has cold winters and hot summers which is not good for the shape of roads. That’s way Soviet Union mostly used railroads rather than roadways for transportation of goods around the country.

  5. It would have been nice if the videos were numbered, so that it would be easy to refer to a particular one.

    The first one, the guy got smoked.
    It think it is the 13th one… pedestrian suicide by car! He got hit on his second try.

  6. It’s blatantly obvious that the russian traffic system does not work. Not only are the roads of unsafe design, the people using them have an apparent lack of self awareness and their responsibility in traffic. I’ve watched all the videos and I am appaled at the speed at which people careen down city streets in the belief they are racing around Monaco.

    Solution: disqualify ALL drivers in Russia from driving, bring the license qualifications up to european standards and then make everyone retake their licenses. Then build proper roads.

    • True.
      From Russian point of view the power of a country (or you possibly wanted to say “Greatness”) does not depend upon living standard of its citizens. It never did for Russia, whatever the regime.
      What Russians really want is to be feared of. So that they can feel being “Superpower”. Regardless of how pathetic the lives of their citizens are.
      To hell with the rest! International cooperation, democracy, roads, etc. – who needs them?! Let’s better build some more tanks!
      Just like in that story about Upper Volta with nuclear missiles/gas pipe.

      • > and our army is not involved in any actions against other countries

        Err, are you sure? Really, really sure?
        What about all the hilly area?
        Chechnia, Georgia, Afganistan?

        Oh, I forgot, you are just helping to patrol the area and are standing for the rights of local Russians there.

        Hmm, how did Russians get to those places in the first place? Oh, I forgot.. again! During the WWII all the countries around Russia WILLINGLY joined the state.

        > What you know about living here?

        That every 7th person is addicted to alcohol..
        That you like to crush and destroy things instead of building them.
        That you have a tradition of having a fight during weddings.

        Thank god, you’re dying faster than copulating and that you’re being invaded by Chinese. At least these guys work and keep their environment moderately undestroyed.

        • Chechnia is russian territory, there are no russian troops in Georgia and Afghanistan. But US troops are there!

          What would you say if Texas with all its oil decides to go for independence?

  7. Not all russian drivers are same. Most of us drive smooth and carefull. But in Moscow too many cars and too many dumbhead people with money. It is normal to bribe any traffic control officer: any common violation will costs 20-50$ maximum, except VODKA – it will costs 1000-1500$. Have a nice day, придурки.

    • Ты прав, очень много отморозков на дороге и творят что хотят. Я тоже не ангел, бывает могу отжечь, но когда я уверена на 100%, что это безопастно для окружающих.
      Ты только в порядке цен ошибся.
      Синька уже будет стоить от 2000$ 😉



  9. when you say “America”…, do you mean the Continent, entire continent, I mean, norht, central and south america?
    I hope so, if not, you are wrong calling the United States of America just “America”. The States are only ONE country, not a continent.

  10. lol its like ‘guess the crash’ you just sit there whilst its loading trying to guess whats gonna happen – is a car gonna fly out of there get sideswiped and roll over? yes it is.

    but really i agree with the poor roadbuilding quality, but some drivers are careless enough not to even use their mirrors or to even have a look, like that guy near the top in a black lada estate who got smashed into side on by a white car – he just hit the accelerator hoping to get out of the way quickly enough. they should improve driving tests big time. india has the same problem with driving tests. in india a driving test is driving 100 metres down a road a couple of turns and then another 100 metres and you get your licence. magically though they hardly ever seem to crash if youve seen any videos – they just all dodge each other somehow.

  11. “Err, are you sure? Really, really sure?
    What about all the hilly area?
    Chechnia, Georgia, Afganistan?”

    Are you that dump? Just compare the “warlist” of the godless america, err sorry, “god bless america”. Yes, the differance is HUGE. Stop ignore it, Stop believe in US Propaganda. Use your brain.

  12. well, i think that there are crashes in every country. but the russian cars really suck, they should buy some european or japanese ones. but of course, there are much poor people in russia. (i’m not a racist.) So most of them can’t buy good cars 🙁 Big numer of deaths on russian roads are usually cause of that. most of the new russian cars, lada, for example doesn’t have airbags. And that doesn’t make sense at all! why don’t they have? only new lada niva and lada kalina’s (119) got an airbag. and only in the steering wheel. and, next thing is that they don’t have the right crash tests. in EuroNcap they drive the cars to the wall at 60km’s per hour, but in russian crash tests they drive at 40kph. and that’s a problem too. They should do something for that 😛 sorry if i gotta bad english, i’m from russian’s neighbour country finland 😛 Things are well in here.

  13. If you don’t know, getting drivers license (not buying it) in Russia is MUCH MUCH MUCH more difficult then in any european country or US.
    I got 3 licenses: in Belarus and USA (Ohio and California).
    USA drivers exam is for kids and those who over than 80.
    THEORY: 40 questions, 10 errors allowable – I’ve passed test just after answering 30 question. Meaning I did not made any single error in first 30 questions – that is a good measure of question difficulty
    Driving: 5 mins in a city without any traffic at all. No any exercises.
    Belarus: 10 questions – 1 error acceptable. Questions are MUCH MUCH more difficult comparing with USAs. And tricky.
    Driving: 3 different excercices before going to city (comparing to no single one in US)
    Any Russian driver capable to drive much better than one in US, but they simple don’t do this.
    What really needs to happen is fines. For U-turn I made in US I have paid $170. For speeding 60 km/h above limit in Moscow I paid $2.

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