Georiga: Photoshopped Special Forces

Georgia unrest pictures 1

Yesterday there was a lot of buzz in mass media about something going on in Georgia. Russian bloggers couldn’t leave this event unnoticed and also made their contribution, though they weren’t attracted by the political side of the question rather than by the strange masks the Georgia policemen wear. So at first they shared those pictures among Russian blogs actively and then first photoshops arrived. These are un-processed images of Georgian special force and their masks:

Georgia unrest pictures 2

Georgia unrest pictures 3

Georgia unrest pictures 4

Georgia unrest pictures 5

And these are samples of the photoshopped versions that were widely spread yesterday across the Russian part of the Internet:

Georgia unrest pictures 6

Georgia unrest pictures 7

Georgia unrest pictures 8

Georgia unrest pictures 9

submitted by Talik

40 thoughts on “Georiga: Photoshopped Special Forces”

  1. I thought the Photoshopped picture with the Combine Walker was real at first. Then I realized that looked like it was from HalfLife 2.

    • The Civil Protection guys ARE Combine!
      All the guys you see in HL2 with that type of mask (except for the Combine Elites, but they’re still Combine)are Combine.

      • FALSE.

        If a Civil protection unit does well enough, then they are permitted to undergo “Combine surgery” which causes them to loose their self control, but makes them more physically able. Civil protection units are just normal humans in outfits. Combines are cyborgs.

  2. Georgians are very nice people, but they really have nowhere to go with Sakhashvili and when all the “lights go out” there won’t be enough gas in mickey mouse masks:) how ironic is this

  3. Ha ha! No food, no job, 1000 0000 gastarbeiters, working in Russia ..and armed Mickiy Mauses.. The face of Georgians Demo craty!!!

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