25 thoughts on “The Winter Has Began”

  1. You would think that Russians would know how to drive on snow-covered roads.

    To watch these guys, you would think they were from Florida.

  2. Interesting…the Lada on the foto has a sticker that says “lujaa Lada laatua” which is finnish meaning “tough Lada quality”.

  3. Lovely video. Those brave souls stayed out of the way of the moving cars and kept from freezing their recorder. Can you please sell the original video to Marc Ecko Inc. so that they put it on the video kiosk in Macy’s?

    I guess one can no longer wait for the army to draft him into icebreaker duty. Is it okay for citizens to use ice spades or straw on the street to get a navigable (at least going down) road?

  4. That car was surely headed for the gravel and kitty-litter store when she hit a sharp shard. Comets? They are cars that failed on Kodiak before electric oil heaters, and were hurled into space…even before they got out of the atmosphere they were miles across….

    What, nobody to call ‘photoshop!?’

  5. Does anyone have the sense to lay down some salt and sand on this patch of road or is it just the practice to watch the circus all day long?

    Even sheep have more common sense!

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