Strange Fashion of Moscow Suburbs

Russian painted houses 1

Really strange fashion of painting psychedelic things on the walls of houses deep in Moscow suburbs seems to progress. This one is most impressive – just imagine all those common low-class people leaving inside those houses doing their everyday things like washing stuff or drinking or eating and watching TV, but now they don’t do all this things inside dull gray boxes of concrete but inside something that looks like just stepped out from Japanese animation..

Russian painted houses 2

Russian painted houses 3

Russian painted houses 4

Russian painted houses 5

Russian painted houses 6

Russian painted houses 7

Russian painted houses 8

Russian painted houses 9

Russian painted houses 10

Russian painted houses 11

Russian painted houses 12

Russian painted houses 13

Russian painted houses 14

Russian painted houses 15

Russian painted houses 16

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48 thoughts on “Strange Fashion of Moscow Suburbs”

  1. Who decides what to paint? Do residents get to choose from sketches of ideas made by the artists, or do they just come home one day to find people painting their building?

        • :O what me? noway ! haha
          I dont know what to say about my self other than I like the word bollocks, and I live in Wales UK 🙂 Where do you live Boris?

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            • Lol No I cannot be your virtual Girlfriend, and I have a boyfriend..being single has good points though does it not? I am 27, I live in Cardiff and I study lots at the moment in preperation to become a therapist of many kinds 🙂

              • “and I have a boyfriend” – I don’t mind, the more the merrier 🙂

                “being single has good points though does it not?” No 🙁 I miss being spanked and humiliated. Do you think I might need a therapist? 😉

                • You miss being spanked and humiliated? Come to Tehran. We will visit, have some tea and soft pastries and talk. Who knows? Maybe I can help you.

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                  • Tea and soft pastries? IM THERE !

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  3. Fascinating. Makes me think how Russians must be somewhat confused with all the changes going on in their country. There are people looking for an identity…

  4. I saw an apartment in Beirut decorated with bullet holes and bomb craters. Very realistic, but nobody thanked the “artists”.

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