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  1. Judging by the small smooth wheels, could this be more of a portable steam power plant used to drive other machines?.

    • Yes – this is a stationary engine. It would be towed from location to location (usually by a team of horses) and be used to run equipment such as threshing machines or sawmills. Note that there is no connection between the flywheel (large heavy wheel on top of the engine attached to the connecting rod/piston) and the wheels.

        • Yes, its a first mass production Russian car. They made very beautiful reliable cars. Look at the new concept, it looks magnificent.


          • As a matter of fact this new luxary concept car has absolutely nothing to do with the original Russo-Balt (which was originally mainly produced in Riga, now Latvia, until WWI). Except that we maybe could say that they stole the name or, to be more precise, try to capitalize on the glory of days past.

          • Boris,
            That is certainly a stylish automobile. From what I have seen, industrial design in Russia is very advanced.

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  2. What?! This is what Putin sold me for my nuclear weapons program! I can’t believe it. I thought he was my friend.

  3. I love old machinery and mechanics-tractors being my favourite but these last two pictures are lovely.The car at the top kinda looks like the old ford v8 pilot…

  4. I have wonder that no one point out about the”restoration of this CAR”.i think only original part which is survive till this day is the”fire compartment” of the boiler.look again,except the fire chamber every single part was made with very crude and ugly techniques.instead of they had to remake riveted cylindrical boiler tank.they made welded pipe.also i am amazed to look the poor welded wheels and fly wheel also looking very fake and new casted.yes restoration is very important job but the true restoration job is more demanding.

    • Zafarad, check out the link above provided by “vladimir fickdusiemir”. Some people traveled to a similar engine that remains in a remote taiga area.

  5. Ah, must be the 2008 model Lada… driver and passenger seats removed, because “in Soviet Putinlandia, car drives you”.

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