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    • It’s time exposure with torchlight people walking around, and can only be achieved with cameras such as SLRs where you can hold the shutter open.

  1. Very fascinating. Could it be a natural phenomenon, or is this in effect a special technique which I don’t know anything about?

    • Process of such photos creating:
      1. An camera with long time exposure (exposure time depending on operator).
      2. Night condition of shot.
      3. Man/people walking with a torch or some torches (lighting).

      If there is natural light in the dark, the exposure time must depend on the level of natural light.

      If there isn’t natural light or is very low level, the exposure time may be so long as operator want and at the end of photo creating time there must be a flash lightning.

        • Hello John, the last election and the whole politic situation in Poland it’s complicated topic.
          It’s strictly concerned with ‘the only allowed’ vision of philosophy, politics and propaganda in European Union (it remain me the ‘only legitimable’ vision frm times of Soviet dependence).

          Kaczynski’s government has made the great job of (partialy) destruction of (post-)communist secret service functionaries’ influence (influence on politics, business etc.). The first try was in 1992 but Walesa fuc.ked it out. Nota bene the power of the Red Mafia, or so called ‘Red Trash’, is seen only in such ‘strange’ moments (similiar moments, when more important person from the Red Mafia, involved in death of higest police chief, has ‘commited sucide’ in Austrian prison or when other important person from the Red Mafia, involved in that case, was saved from extradition from USA by US-judgement).

          I didn’t vote on Kaczynski’s Law and Justice Party.
          I has voted for 18 years (unknown abroad) party – UPR – 1% in the election :)) .
          In fact, few years ealier I supported (equal with UPR) today winner – Tusk (he is showed by propaganda as free market proponent). But now I try to watch on the second bottom of politics (deeper then the show for hoi polloi), and it’s sad that any other point of view is overpowered by the Red Trash in such histerical campaign as it was.

          I don’t need to explain that the Polish Red Trash is a kinsman with leftists governing in EU and they are kinsmen with the creators of First Leftist State – USSR, do I ?

    • A camera with a setting for time exposure is what is needed.

      This was quite a well-known National Geographic technique for photographing night traffic as streaks of red (taillights) and yellow (headlights), as well as waterfalls (so they appear smooth white).

  2. anyway, my dad made some photos of roads at night with veichles moving on. that looks interesting too, maybe it was done by a lot of hobby-photographer in that time (late 70’s-early 80’s)

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