The On-Ground Ferry

russian on-ground ferry 1

On these photos you can see something that is called “An On-Ground Ferry” in some parts of Russia. Some roads are to muddy to pass for the regular cars. They have only one way – to use an on-ground ferry – a four wheel drive truck on which they are being put and sit all the way through the muddy passage.

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Russian Burn Out Art

A burn-out art from Russia 1

Look at this device on the picture above. I wonder if there is a suitable name for it in English in Russia they called it “a burner out machine”. It was used to make drawings on the plywood, by plugging it into electricity outlet and making the needle at the end of this handle red-hot. In every Soviet and later in Russian school all the junior students got the skills of using this thing at their Applied Arts lessons.

But it seems that this artist got too much of these Applied Arts in the Soviet Union and for sure he had all A’s for this subject. Just look below what pictures he has drawn with the help of this freaky Soviet machine and a few pieces of plywood.

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