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  1. Can someone please tell me if Bosniaks(or Bosnians) are all muslim or is there just a large muslim community in Bosnia. Basically if someone was to tell be that they are Bosnian then could i be 100% sure that they are muslim?

    P.S. very nice red pipe on a huge truck, wtf is it for?

      • Yes. And this is after 500 years of Turkish occupation and forceful islamization.
        So Christian people not only survived, but they managed to remain in majority.
        And nowadays, Muslims of Bosnia call themselves “Bosniak”, which is misleading.

    • Religion in Bosnia:

      Muslims 40%, Orthodox Christians 31%, Roman Catholics 15%, other 14%.

      SRSLY man, you should use wikipedia.

    • About 40% of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s population are Muslims, 35% are Orthodox Christians (= Serbs), the rest are Roman Catholics (= Croats).
      So you can’t be 100% sure, however, Christians will usually identify themselves either as Serbs or Croats.
      There was also a significant Jewish community there, but when civil war started in 1992, almost all of them went to Israel.

      One thing is sure, regardles of religion, inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina are South Slavic people, and they speak the same language. In pre-1991 Yugoslavia, this language was called Serbo-Croatian.

      One other thing is not disputed, Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina has it’s roots in 500-year Turkish occupation. Christians (Serbs and Croats) say that all people of Bosnia and Herzegovina were Christians prior to 15th century. Muslims say that they were never Christians, but at the time of Turkish conquest, they were of some other, non-Christian religion.

      Bosnia and Herzegovina was briefly occupied by Austro-Hungary, from 1878 to 1918. According to their census of 1911, 47% of inhabitants were Orthodox Christian Serbs.
      In 1918, Bosnia and Herzegovina was incorporated in Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (renamed in 1929. to Kingdom of Yugoslavia), under the rule of Serbian king Peter I Karadjordjevic.

      Sorry for long message… the point is: always ask people what religion they are (of course if you want to know, and if it is not unpolite in given situation).
      Because they had only a religion, but they wanted to be a separate nationality, Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina now use term “Bosniak” to describe their nationality.
      I personally think that it is not fair, because it implies that Bosnia is their country, and that Serbs and Croats came from Serbia and Croatia, which is nonsense. Serbs and Croats always lived in Bosnia, and during the Turkish occupation, number of Christians steadily decreased, and never increased.

  2. I dont know anything about large red pipes or Bosnians.However,now vsr has asked the question,I’m more than curious as to the answer.

    • That´s right,here they are going an bord in the harbor of Rostock


  3. There ain’t much bridges across river Daugava, so this was actually the only way to transport this thing.
    Only the chosen time wasn’t right – they did it 6 o’clock on Monday morning, got stuck and created huge traffic jams.
    Luckily my work is the other way 🙂

    • Actually it is a barrel for an atomic cannon.

      Bunch of these is going to be installed near the border with Russia. Then Latvia will declare Blitzkrieg on Russia and will win it in 24 hours.

      Afterwards territory of Russia will be sold to China. Except for some gas-rich areas which will be kept by EU.


  4. Hi Talking Beaver, how are you doing? I see you still haven’t found a job then? How much is the estonian job seekers allowance now anyway? Not much I guess 🙁 Well, all is not lost 🙂 You could still come to UK and wash toilets for half the minimum wage as your proud countrymen are doing. Well… what do you think?

    • Sorry, I have just noticed a few spelling mistakes in my post. Please disregard these as I didn’t have much time to write this comment. The reason for this, is that unlike talking beaver, I do actually have job and cannot always afford to waste my time arguing with racists.

    • Boris, what you say is very true. Nationalism is very stong in these countries and russian are treated very badly. But they have reasons for hating Soviet Union.

      I hope with time all this hate will become less. I think this will happen when more new generations are born and new leaders will govern the country. I hope Russan and Baltic people will be frinds again before I die, but I might be too optimistic.

      • I certainly would want to agree with you.
        Only I would add that the ball is at the Russian side of the field. Possibly once they will learn to speak local languages, respect the countries and cultures they live in and will cease to boast being “liberators” (which is especially cynical when talking about 1940) to the victims of their “liberations”. Putting it shortly – Russians will be treated as friends when they will start to behave like friends.
        Until then they often will be percieved as a pain in the neck. Of course there is nothing of the horrible discrimination scenes our sweet Boris Abramov pulled out of the depth of his inflamed mind here. (Actually, madmen like him are one of the reasons why there is still tensions around this issue. With added Moscow support, of course)
        And please stop complaining about “nationalism”. This is in fact what you call “patriotism” in your own country. Because what you actually mean by saying “nationalism” is what elsewhere in the world is known as “chauvinism” or “racism”. This confusion in terms was intentionally introduced during the Soviet period. Anyone who dis not want to put Soviet identity before his own nationality and speak Russian more willingly than his own language – i.e. to be “internationalist” – was branded burgeouis nationalist, with sometimes disasterous consequences.

        • http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/c/c5/Lihula_monument.jpg

          Yes patriotism indeed. That is state supported and all probability state funded patriotism.

          How low has the Estonian government snack?


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