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  1. its a shame that such place goes to waste.

    i can see some russian businessman taking it over and revamping it and making lots of $$$

  2. Miami has something similar that has also been abandoned. It was used for Power Boat races and concerts (with a floating stage).


  3. Sometime i wonder,which kind of construction material Soviets used?just after few years later their landmarks become ruines.look above pics,so many places they used bare wood but nothing else.instead of fixing marble or other stone tiles they throw mixture of cement.i don`t have true secret behind the poor and skinny type of construction.communists has no middle men,no commission agents,has no kickback deals,so why they has not used their best for the people of CCCP?they eyed on mars but on the ground they have nothing but crushed working class.

    • Good observation. It looks like they tried to coat hollow wood framing, beautiful red bricks and even cement (with minimal steel reinforcement) with some type of mortar.

    • bricks.
      bricks of poor /and very poor quality.

      sometimes you can see a building which was built in times of Tzar, with some tasteless extensions built later in Soviet times. The Tzar’s part actually always looks a lot better then the Soviet part, regardless of sometimes being 100 years older.

      Soviet bricks could not stand elements and started to fall apart even during the first season.

    • any building would look like this, if you never undertake repairs!
      stalin-time building quality was exceptional, even when compared with the western-european of the same period, but the regular repairs were never done properly, were always too late, and have totally stopped in 1980s.
      hence, the decay started some 30 years ago, not just yesterday!

      • Completely agree about the lack of maintenance.

        And I would rather disagree about the Stalin time building quality. I would say it was quite good for “representative” , showcase pieces of architecture in Moscow and some other places, and it was recognizably better than in Brezhnev’s time, but I would hardly call it “exceptional, even when compared with the western-european” standard. Non-showcase buildings exhibit the same problems with poor brick masonry, cheap, low quality gypsum decorations, cheap bronze paint gold imitation etc.

  4. I”m always enthralled by decaying splendor and have often wondered,in cases such as this,not why the place failed,but what made the owners of it think it would ever work?

  5. I like it. It looks like a fun place for teenagers to hang out too. It still looks usable to me, some people just need to go clean up the garbage and pull some weeds and they’ll have a nice waterfront park for a picnic.

  6. Because they think English graffiti is cool. Go look at some of the stylish clothing with English words or phrases that hardly make sense.

    I remember a girl wearing a shirt that said “Playboy” and underneath it.. “Global Famous!”


  7. I love that graceful diving tower shown in the old pictures. I wish more places had things that looked beautiful and simple like that.

  8. Half of the country is abandoned. Everybody is trying to get to the BIG cities.

    LIKE, having ‘Moscow’ as your place of residence is considered prestigious. God knows why.

  9. This is a place which I visit much times when I was young. It is also place where I meet my ex-husband. Our marrige, like this stadium, did not last very long.

    • Would you like to share about your failed marriage?i always keen to know about the separation of two loving partners,once they loved very much.

  10. Jesus, what a waste. The poster who said you have to wonder how the Soviets ever thought this new system they had would ever work is quite right, in my opinion. As much as you might like the whole *idea* of ‘socialist’ wage-levelling and all the rest, the sheer level of corruption and laziness that the system generated certainly worked against its effectiveness.

  11. You don’t have to be a smart man to tell why it is abandoned. It’s Moscow, not Miami. It’s damn cold there. You wouldn’t want to swim if it’s -40°

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  13. Pity there is always some talentless arsehole with a can of spraypaint ready to desecrate these atmospheric reminders of the past.

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