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  1. No. I believe the authorities will have to investigate the neighbouring geological layers to ascertain that there are no other underground rivers or lakes like this one.

    Yes, there is also the possibility of old abandoned mines which have been improperly closed down.

    • SAKHALIN,IS WORST AFFECTEE OF GLOBAL WARMING PHENOMINA.her soil is badly damage, due to continuous melting Permafrost.inner Sakhalin and in siberia,global warming create massive change in appearance of land.the rods becoming sludgy jelly, like asphalt soupe.multistories are tilting,despite Soviets realise their wrong doing with environment,they build all soviet far east with wise construction techniques.but “fingering “with nature is very risky business.am i right?

    • Ok,just send me a cheque,bankers draft or fistfuls of grubby cash and you will be the proud owner of a hole lot of nothing,sent to you in discreet brown packaging by return of post.

    • If you are male,you have one.if you are female ,you have two holes! ! ! ! ! !and if you are she male.,what can i say! ! ! !.

  2. It is Berezniki, Perm
    This is the place as seen on the photos

    I think it looks like a potash mining facility so cave-ins are quite natural.


  3. berezniki.net links nowehere and the hole is from 1986, the result of a cave-in of the flooding of potash mine #3


    • Strange that the google map satellite photo shows no trace of the hole.

      My theories:
      Either the photos are pre-1986,
      or they have restored the area to exactly what it was (there must be million of truckloads of dirt to fill that hole),
      or the event is not the same as photos (and the satellite photo is recent),
      or something else.

      The satellite photos I linked show same roads and buildings so I am very sure it is the right place, but maybe soviet mine facilities were built using the same blueprint just like apartment buildings were?

      Someone who lives nearby could maybe solve these questions.

  4. Damn this is the most ridiculous and obvious photoshop I ever seen in my whole life. Sincerely I think this site got a great potential so please don’t keep fill it with garbage like this.

  5. There’s a kind of karst soil . When water gets into it, the soil became to be dissolved like a cube of sugar. You can see clearly water still coming from a pipe (pipes) at some pictures. IMHO it’s most likely that leaking of the pipe caused the soil destruction.

  6. Thats just a hole because of the steel works or whatever it is next to it, its caused by man, you do not have to be intelligent to work this out, I did so you know :D:D

  7. my company digged a huge underground tunnel that we were going to dump nuclear waste in, but it collapsed, now we cover up it as global warming, globing warming will be canceled out by nuclear winter!

  8. Global warming? the suns influence on the planet is billions of times more powerful than any thing we could do to it our selves, polar ice caps melting? this happens every couple of thousand years, it results in a rise of humidity which makes more of the world fertile for plant growth, not the desert waste land the media makes it sound like. when this happens deserts will slowly turn back into the forest and jungle habitats they were a few hundred years ago and Brisbane’s ( Qld Australia)100 year drought will be over and i can once again water plants and wash my car without getting a fine, YAY!
    ps Global warming = election issue, Media selling point!

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  11. Hi I work for the Field magazine and we are writing an article on “was it a good harvest” we have mentioned There’s a bit in the text about how the overall profitability of a ton of wheat can be affected by the oddest world-wide events. We would like to use these images, could someone possibly email me on where i can get these images at high res please?
    Kind regards

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  13. I am from Berezniki. These holes are not so scary as you think. And of course they are located in suburb of town. So don’t worry;)


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