Real Fast Help

Russian ambulance 1

One guy was walking across the street and saw an ambulance. He decided to give a fast look inside through one of its windows just of curiosity. And he was really puzzled with what he saw inside:

Russian ambulance 2

He saw that the ambulance car was full of beer six packs and other alcohol drinks. Well, he got it after a while, when you got too much vodka in the evening an ambulance full of beer is the best remedy.

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  1. How do you do.

    My name is Marina. I am 68 retired auditor from Moscow. I intended to visit this web site to practice my English and debate with members.

    I want to pactice my English, because I am planing to move to Scotand where my daughter live for ten years. I want to be close to my gaughter because I not young.

    Pleased to interact with you.


    (Sorry for my English. I am still learning.)

    • Hello Marina,

      I am very pleased that you have discovered this site. I am sure your wisdom and experience will bring a lot to it. I would also be more then happy to help you with your english or any enquiries that you might have.

      Hope to exchange opinions with you soon.


        • I know what you mean Robert. But I guess my trusting nature will overshadow the doubt this time.
          Anyway, time will tell.

                • AS to our recent Russkia wanting immigration to Scotland – it may be much more difficult (due 9-11 and the London bombings) to get visas to many Western countries. Not that Russkis are suspected of sponsoring such things, just that all kinds of border/visa/immigration security has been beefed up.
                  For instance here in America, even foreign family members may not be granted the previously normal 3 month visa visit to family members (Russki) here. Even those who’ve visited before, followed the rules, and returned home. A bit sad really. ‘Course Russki green cards, resident aliens, and naturalized citizens are free to visit Rossiya.
                  I myself will now need a passport to re-enter the country from Canada, Mexico, European and the Caribbean Island nations. That’s never happened before in our history.
                  I could summarize the problem as that the danger of suicidal mass murder cults is palpable here and elsewhere. We will be killing them all, but this will take time. Meanwhile. . . jihadists enter the country under invitation of our ‘precious’ Universities/other orgs sponsorship, with ease.

    • Hi Marina,

      “(Sorry for my English. I am still learning.)”

      You’re already more proficient in English than many of my fellow Americans. You’ll be fine.

      I look forward to your insight and opinions on all things Russian.


      • Thank you. My English is OK when I read and write, but I do not understant when speek to me. I understand if you speak very slowly.

      • I think that anyone of any nationality, no matter how little grasp of speaking English they have are better than any american graduate. You (and your fellow americans) dont even speak English, simply an under pronounced, poisoned, americanised version. It is as corrupt as george bush. Its about time you got your own language.


        • Marina, Texas1 is very enoyed with John because he doesn’t consider George W. Bush to be divine leader who should under no circumstances be questioned or doubted. Also John didn’t sign up to fight for freedom in Iraq, and that really got under his skin!

          Oh yes, I nearly forgot, John didn’t pray for George’s health in the church on sunday which is compulsory for any true patriot.

          John, you should be ashamed of yourself!

          • Good evening Boris.

            There are a lot people how this in Texas. But we should not judge. We were pupets for 90 years. Always love and expaline then.

            • I am not so sure Marina. I think thinking people always knew the true motives and nature of the communist party. It’s just they kept it deep down inside themselves and went with flow.

              My father and my grandfather were both party members (in fact quite high ranking) and I am sure (in fact I know) that they never believed anything that they themselves said or what was being said by the party.

              I remember my grandfather telling me that when he was giving a usual propaganda speech having just came back from the West, he was struggling to keep a straight face when reading the absurdities that the party has encouraged him to write. I am sure you being an editor (i presume during the soviet time also) you will know exactly what I am talking about. Not only that, but he HAD to tell these lies even to the members of his family.

              My grandfather had to tell lies and keep his true feelings deep inside himself in order to sustain the relatively good life style that we all had. Besides, I think he also felt obliged to give that little extra because our family were always associated with Intelegentia and were in fact Jewish. And as you can imagine this isn’t the “ideal” background of party member. But nevertheless, he was never brainwashed as so many people have been for so many years. So I guess it just depends on the person.

              • Sorry, I not understand all you write, but my work when USSR was infuenced by the party. What was not influenced?

                It was a sad time. Best not to remember.

      • Good evening John.

        I not undrstand. I can make comentars without registering as I do now. Why do I register?

        I sorry that I do not know, this my first time in “Blog”. When I work, I only use Word, Google, and very rare, Exel. Please be patient with me. You can tell me what is Forum?

        Thank you,


        • Hello Marina, On this, the main page of englishrussia anyone can post comments using any name. Some people use the names of others or post under multiple names to deliberately confuse people or hide their true identities. In the Forum section of englishrussia, an e-mail address is required in order to post comments. This reduces some of the confusion. The Forum section can be found by scrolling down from the top of this page, and looking to the right, you will find the word Forum. Left click on the word Forum. Explore the Forum section. If you wish to post comments in the Forum, look to the top of the page and find the word Register. Left click on Register and follow the directions. The Forum is moderated by several members who do an excellent job of screening spam and offensive language.

        • Actually, I didn’t even vote for Bush. John from Kansas is just an unhappy person that wants a Communist government in the US. He would rather cry than get a job.

    • You already speak better English than half of the Russians living outside Russia. And in GB they are really used to all kinds of accents – even more than Americans.

  2. First pic is indoors, second pic outdoors. I think second pic is photoshop. In the first pic I don’t see any curtains for the back windows.

  3. dont laugh, it has straps and alot of space as well as all the shelves and things inside with fasteners. if anything, it is almost the perfect beer truck (besides maybe an ice cream truck)

  4. If people would bother to look at the rear windows of the van in the first picture and then the rear windows in the second and the height of the bottles you would know the pictures are fake. Welcome aboard Marina. I know a lot of people from Scotland on another forum. Give me a message at and I will show it to you.

    • I think it’s clear that the pics haven’t been taken in the same place or at the same time..

      I don’t think the second pic is fake, because there is a great possibility that the ambulance is no longer in governmental use. ( It’s not against the law to have “03” written at the back of your personal van in russia, right? )

    • So did you cut off the rest of the legs to cook something to eat for yourself and your spacemonkey girlfriend without having to kill the whole thing? Or I forgetting that the donkey IS your girlfriend and you didn’t want eat it all at once?

  5. Neither pictures are fake, but they are different cars, the first one is indoors on display, no booze, no rear curtains. The second is out doors, booze all the way upto the roof and curtains tied up on either side of rear window.


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