31 thoughts on “They Came With Peace”

  1. Those wasps have been very busy indeed.

    I don’t think I’ve seen a wasps nest quite so big. Here in the UK they would be about half that size.

  2. These creature are African Killer Wasp from Africa. They brutally killed all inhabitants of house, then moved on to other residence in down the street. No body survived this slaughter and Wasps celebrated a resounded victory for airbourne insect worldwide. 39 Russian homeless people dead!

    Please give generous money to my fund, we combat this MEANACE! It’s here: http://www.babushka-peace-with-wasp-fund.com

    • Did they make a video of their victory celebration? If so, they may post it, like Al Qaeda does.

      Is there a spokesperson for the African Killer Wasps from Africa (AKWA is the acronym for this new terror organization.), someone to warn the Russian people of the next attack?

      Maybe the Russian military should equip their Hind helos with a mechanism to spray these terrorists in their hive.

  3. I had a wasp nest of similar size at my home a couple of years ago … that was trouble and annoying enough … poor guy.

      • How cruel you are.why are you so insisting to displace innocent,tiny flies?when you humans destroyed every inch of natural habitats of species and wild life,they have right to attack and capture human settlements! ! ! ! !.remember 60`s Hollywood’s movies,where giant flies,birds,reptiles and rabbits took revenge to the human aggressors.some day it might be true.i hope God will not allow bad humans to destroy our planet.

  4. Whats the big deal its a hornet nest! hose it down at night with a can or two of wasp and hornet spray wait a day and then knock it down! You fellas dont deal with these kinda thing often do ya. Whats the worst that can happen you get stung a few times! Dont be a wuss your not gonna die! unless your allergic to bee stings and in that case dont mess with it,wait till first frost and then knock it down! Problem solved!

    • Tim in PA,
      It is obvious that you are not a terror expert, or you would know the answer to your question.

      Please see the confidential report, obtained at great risk to operatives, from Babushka, above.

      African Killer Wasps from Africa (AKWA) are not to be toyed with.

      Or, maybe you just don’t care for the lives of people, as long as they are homeless Russian people?

      Please, Tim in PA, have a heart.

  5. Set the nest on fire the buildings brick it won’t burn. Get a BBQ lighter and light the tip and close the window as soon as the nest starts to smoke the wasp will fly away then you can trow water on the nest and put it out. Or you could just hit it with a broom.


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