CD Fans

Russian guys love cd\'s 1

This Russian guys are into CD-ROM cult, a private religious group worshiping CD’s (but denying DVD’s in any form as a heresy). One of the main principles of their ideology is to use compact discs in each every aspect of their life – they wear them like jewelery, use it in clothing and even use it in the way as you can see on the second picture on their parties:

Russian guys love cd\'s 2

22 thoughts on “CD Fans”

  1. Thats CD-ROM drive has seen many many XXX movie in its life… filthy deviant movie with animal love (example: wallabry, polish bear, dachshund) and bondage! It’s filthy CD-ROM drive…

    Now they use for slicing the sausage???? Oh that is too disgusting, Im a going to vomit last night Haggis dinner…

  2. Wow…the only thing that armor will deflect is the ladies.Its a look that says “I’m intelligent,know computers,and spend way too much time with other men.”

  3. Ah, My favourite salami chop pic, I really do love this pic, I love it that much that I may blog about it.

    These CD worship guys are funny, HOT 😛

    • This a new fashion trend in Moscow. Don’t you think it is important to know so that you will look cool when you get off the plane?

  4. The only reason they deny DVDs is because they’re too poor to afford them. Maybe they should get a job instead of playing with CDs all day.

  5. What’s the big deal? They are only dressing the way every IT person in corporate America fantasizes about.

    You guys are just jealous because you can not make your own clothing.

  6. Yes they do look gay. However, you look very macho masculin on the left 😉 Ahhhh, are you trying to attract the ladies? How sweet 🙂

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