53 thoughts on “Trash Parking”

  1. i first!
    Does anybody know the program for spamming in the blogs? I need it. And plus database, of course.

  2. Hey hey,it’s a well known fact that women are better drivers.It says so in the sheila’s wheels advert #women make the safest drivers-you could save a bunch of fivers# ergo it must be true.

  3. Poor Saab!

    This reminds me of the scene in the film ‘The Big Lebowski’ where Jeff Bridges crashes his car into a rubbish bin similar to this one.

    • If you actually look at another trash can standing next to the car – you will see that it has wheels only on one side and the other side is next to the curb so if you hit it won’t slide it will start tipping over and frontwheel drive car keeps pushing it going on top of it – you get the idea? And do it fast enough you are on top in no time; SPb second so to say 🙂

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