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  1. This woman has a nice rear. If she was on an American airline I could convince a jury that she is an attractive but innocent girl, and get her a large cash settlement for sexual harassment by the male attendant. We could claim that he intimidated her into the act of kissing him.

    If I represented her in Russia, I would need some help with a formula for how to determine how much money to ask for in a Russian court.

    Dewey, Cheathum, and Howe

  2. Blimey…I bet the pilots weaving all over the place and the co-pilots crying on his shoulder slurring “You’re my best mate,you are!”I wonder if you can get done for FUI?

      • How simple you are ,John.just few little box cutters were became the turning point of modern history.in the air small things also weighting heavier.please don`t think every thing so simple.

          • Not really. But if you want to prove your contention you might consider that the original Lorenz model equations are extremely complex. Characteristicly, I reccomend the following much simpler system as having the same essential chaotic features:
            dx/dt = 10(y – x)
            dy/dt = -xz + 28x – y
            dz/dt = xy – 8z/3.
            Good luck.
            Another quite viable alternative is to use one of Babushka’s linear equations.

          • If you are “real Texas1″.one thing i must say,”Two things a man should never be angry at,what he can help and what he can`t”.

        • Of course I don’t. NOTAMS advised of moderate to severe CAT enroute at flight plan altitude. Naturaly the flight crew altered their course to place the aircraft opposite the polar jet and accended slightly. This avoided the more severe CAT although as I stated above, some turbulence was encountered.

  3. If I would see flight attendants like that I would become scared to death, wondering what condition the pilots are in.

    Sorry for the cabin crew, I am afraid they got fired for this, even in Russia.

    • What do you mean,even in Russia?Russia is also in our world.you hate trader,each time dis honour mother Russia.Russian are very civilised and mannered peoples.at least they are better than you.

      • With all due respect, I’ll have to disagree with you. Worse can easily happen in Russia.

        Did you know positioning software used to help pilots in landing passenger aircraft is illegal in Russia? Thus, it’s not used, making landings more dangerous.

        Why? No reason.

      • 🙂 Give me a break!

        Russia is notorious for heavy drinking anywhere anytime.
        And in this Heavy Drinking Russia Russian pilots are known to be Really Heavy Drinkers.

        I once (now long ago) took a small “Airoflot” propeller plane from Tallinn to Riga. The crew marched through the passanger cabin to cockpit wearing those heavy coats and fur hats called “pyzhyks”, noticeably not “too” sober. Few moments later all lights went off, and we had to sit in darkness until they managed to get it back. It was funny and scary at the same time.

        Still, good that they at least did not retract wheels while still on runway. 🙂

        Yeah, Russia is in our world. Just like Iran and North Korea.

        • With due respect sir,just few years before NASA has suffered heavy loss of their space shuttle due to few dollars cost of “O RING seal”.if i am not wrong,NASA administered and controlled by US government.but my point is that,accidents and incidents are may be avoided but we can`t totally safe from these things.anyone anybody can cause the accidents.

  4. And Drunk and happy will always be my choice over the sober and mean attendants encountered on the “LUV” airline. I vote with my wallet and will never fly them again after one refused to assist a handicapped passenger lift her bag into the overhead, and on another flight listened to another browbeat a passenger for askiing for wheelchair assistance. Luv indeed….
    Cheers to the chreeful.

  5. I’m sure all the male passengers were really jealous of that plain looking guy;)

    But I have to agree with the other commentator who said that they probably got fired for that. Sure, drunkenness is more tolerated in Russian than in the US, but even there, there are limits. These two went past the limits.

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