65 thoughts on “The Borat Vacancy Wannabe”

    • I was very impressed and about to send money (definitely not cheque) but apparently I suck.
      Have a happy life in your village “dancing like nobody”!

  1. I wish the guy the best, but he will probably not make it, and here’s why: He said he likes America. There is no room in Hollywood for actors who “like” the country that offers them the opportunity to become rich and famous. Plus, he smiles and seems sincere. He is too optimistic about life.

    If he would make a video about how terrible the USA is, I could get him a visa and an audition within a week.

    • I wish him the best also. He does seem sincere and optimistic. However, contrary to your way of thinking, his talent and desire to succeed as an actor are not impediments. As an agent, why would it matter to you what his politics are? Find the man some work. Quit whinning and do your job.

    • I’ve got it!

      Study the shape of this young man’s face, his nose, and his swept-back hair. Does he look similar to the photos of any former American presidents when they were young men?

      I need him to make a new tape in which he says, “Bill Clinton, Daddy, please, I want to know you. I want you to know your son from Russia, conceived when you had relations with my mother during one of your trips to Russia before you became President of USA.”

      Then he should hold his thumb up, bit his lower lip, smile, and say “I’m from a village called Hope.” 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Clinton is well-connected to Spielberg, DreamWorks, and the Hollywood crowd. This should get the young man a good role in an upcoming movie.

  2. That was painfully sincere wasn’t it?Poor guy,I really hope he does something with his life,but I reckon that even if he did make it to Hollywood,he’d be horribly disillusioned within the first couple of hours.

  3. I want go to America again to make sexy explosion inside the vagine.
    My glorious country of Kazakhstan make benefit from the first travel to US and A.

  4. Nobody really needs another “Borat”. I see 10 mins of that movie and I prefer to receive a big elephant diarrea on the face than see another 10 mins

  5. I wish him well although I think he won’t make it. He actually seemed sincere and it took lots of guts to put that video out there.

  6. Name one famous US actor who hates America. There’s not a one.

    What they hate is pseudo-fascist right-wing America, just like everyone with half a lick of sense. When being to the right of every right-wing Western politican outside the US makes you a leftie Democrat in the US, things have gone off the rails.

    Reclaim the middle!

  7. No singing, no dancing only talking.
    This is for sure drug addicted crazy person and flaming no talent. Better to hire Russian drunk instead.

  8. You know when a company wants to use letters in their phone number to be catchy? But often times they use too many letters. “Give us a call down here at 1-800-I-Really-Enjoy-Carpeting.” It’s too many letters, man. “Hello?” “Hold on, I’m only on ‘Enjoy’! How did you know I was calling? I can see why they hired you!”

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