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  1. guys what is so special about this?

    this happens everywhere not just russia. leave your bmw overnight in newark, nj and you will be lucky if wheels are the only things that they steal.

    • Leave it in just about any of the “diverse” urban enclaves of the US, and it will become just another crime statistic.

      Auto Stealers Society

  2. Is it possible the Russian people you refer to (I will not use the word criminal, since that is the imposition of someone else’s “values,” based on their sense of “morality”) are simply using the only way they have to reach out to society in a cry for help? That is what the people in America do. It is their way of expressing their dissatisfaction with an unfair, unequitable society.

    Maybe the Russian president should do like we do in America, and blame ourselves for all the problems in each individual’s life. Then he should take more money from the honest people and pay for programs to counsel the people who are disaffected, and bring them into the mainstream of society.

    It is simply not their fault. It is “our” fault.

    (music, please)
    “We are the world
    we are the children
    we are the ones who make a brighter day
    so let’s start giving”

    • Dear John,

      A personal, profane attack on a poster? I think your true colors just slipped out from behind the facade that you usually work so hard to present on the forum.

      Your controller would be disappointed in you. 🙂

      Peace and love to you, my brother.

        • What kind of justice you want?right to attack on another sect,right to loot unarmed peoples.who can stop anyone to learn and educate himself?if you wanna apple pie right in your mouth,without any struggle.you might wrong.prepare yourself and then argue.just shouting empty slogans are not enough.do something hard for your community and your case! ! ! !.

          • …the justice of international law, the peace of universal understanding and mutual respect. To those who claim power, we will not be silent until there is human dignity for all.

            • Guys like you and sometime me,living in sweet and lovely golden nostalgic past.where two powers are balancing each others.at that time Soviets was on the back of working class,but they both was not in perfect and ideal position to follow.one was extremely denied basic human rights,the right to think,right to express,the right to wear by will and the right to smile! ! ! ! and other was so free to allow to exploit majority.they give freedoms to their citizens,freedom to eat,freedom to strike on oil rich nations,the freedom to pollute mother Earth and finally freedom to dictate their type of democracy! ! ! ! !.but now i seriously realise,that according to dialectical theory,time is never repeat himself.why we want to back past in our present.each time situation is different than previous.if we stuck to the magnificent past,we shall go back to cave and Flintstone is our tragic end…….

              • Honour above profit? If U.S. corporatists had any honor, they would use their profits to clean industrial cities and build internal infrastructure, before there is another big “market correction.”

                  • No, corporations should clean up their own mess then pay dividends. Lazy people like John should get off englishrussia and finish painting the spare room.

                • “Thou shall not mistake soft for warm!”

                  The corporations are “virtual machines” established with a single purpose – to generate profit. Uber alles!

                  If they don’t do that – they are poor machines and shall be dismantled.

                  The purpose of corporation is NOT to clean industrial cities or take care of poor etc. unless absolutely NECESSARY under threat of penalty of loosing profit.

                  The cleaning up and taking care of etc. shall be done by other “virtual machines” established with that particular purpose in mind, like charities, social organizations, environmental protection funds etc.

                  When all those forces balance each other, the things get gong. As soon as the mistake their role – like corporation putting environmental protection over profit or social organization putting profit over their primary purpose of assisting the poor – they turn pervert and shall be eliminated for their own sake and for the sake of society.

                  If you do not keep this basic principle in mind, you will get something like Soviet Union – where nothing worked the way it was supposed to and which finally collapsed under its own weight.

                  • You and your “virtual machines”. Profit is the corporations primary, not sole purpose. U.S. law considers the corporation as an individual with the same rights and responsibilities as any other citizen. A good company has a moral compass in thoughtful and responsible leadership. They do not need much regulation because their internal organization is designed to identify and correct waste and inefficiency. The bad corporation takes the approach of profits over all else. Such a single minded purpose often leads to unfair competition and criminal behavior. The good state must provide for the common good for both it’s human and corporate citizens. The rule of law ensures order, ssecurity and balance.

                    • and … you and your “moral kompass”. 🙂
                      take away the profit and see what happens. :))

                      “morality” and “care” expressed by corporations are expressed because their customers like it. change the customer attitude and businesses will change accordingly.

                      you talk like a kid or a saint. :))

                    • I am certainly not a kid anymore and definitely not a saint.
                      Customers want value for money spent. The company that cuts corners on their product in the name of profit will soon incur the wrath of the customer.
                      The best example of good corporate citizenship that I know of is the Malden Mills story. After the mill burnt to the ground, the CEO Aaron Feuerstein used the insurance money to rebuild the mill AND continue to pay wages and benefits to his 3000 employees. Mr Feuerstein explained;
                      “I have a responsibility to the worker, both blue-collar and white-collar. I have an equal responsibility to the community. It would have been unconscionable to put 3,000 people on the streets and deliver a deathblow to the cities of Lawrence and Methuen. Maybe on paper our company is worthless to Wall Street, but I can tell you it’s worth more.”

                    • 1)
                      “The company that cuts corners on their product in the name of profit will soon incur the wrath of the customer

                      Exactly. They will loose profit because of that.

                      And, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what Mr. Aaron Feuerstein did – he acted as a good person.

                      Did he act as a good CEO? – That is a different question. If he kept his job – he probably did. Good CEO does not act basing on emotions. He is accountable to shareholders up to the extend of going to jail and loosing everything he owns, if he acts against interests of shareholders. Whatever reasons he had.

                      Again – companies get established to make money. MAKE MONEY. That is why they get established and that is how they are evaluated and ranked. The more money they make in long term, the “better” companies they are for their shareholders. Views of “larger society” you mention above, are only relevant as much as they affect profit (As a matter of fact they often do to certain extend).

                    • Agree.

                      And it should be there (and it basically is) for benefit of both sides – the corporations behave as if they were “good” to please customers and make their profit that way one way or another, directly or indirectly, and the society gets what it wants from corporations and rewards (or punishes them) them paying for it one way or another, directly or indirectly.

                      Just like biology. Behavioristics. Dr. Pavlov. 🙂

                    • … and, painting or poetry can actually increase your chances of survival (by seducing members of opposite sex or getting rich and famous etc.), just like care for environmental protection nowdays can increase company profit.

                      not because that is somehow “good” but because one can benefit (profit) from it.

                    • The terms “good” and “bad” are used here in the commonly held definitions as determined by the larger society, not by the individual. Hence the rule of law and the common good. The arts are a form of communication notwithstanding your notion that they be used for seduction or fame.

                    • “determined by the larger society, not by the individual”

                      Ah, so… Society is made up of individuals, no?

                      Or you a supporter of the idea that the “society” is superior of the individual? The idea the Fascists and Communists were so keen about. They killed millions, implementing this wonderful principle. 😉

                      P.S. Remember the Italian word “fascia”, which gave name to the Fascism? 😉

                    • OK, my previous comment may seem to be edgy, but I want to convey the message, that there is no point in getting angry on companies for trying to profit at any cost, because that is what they are naturally made for. That, and nothing else. Thinking otherwise is wishful thinking.

                      The other issue is that either the society or any individual has full rights to defend its interests in any legal ways it choses to. Which is also natural. That is what the democracy and free choice is for.

                      Different sides of the same coin.

                    • I understand your message, I just don’t agree with strict laissez-faire as an economic policy. It can hurt people(including stockholders). Think of Enron or the current sub-prime mortage crisis in U.S. banking. Individuals seeking redress from corporate malfeasance have little chance against the enormous power of modern coporations. Such excesses erode confidence in the fairness of the economic system. The state is the only entity that can directly challenge corporate power. It must enforce regulation to maintain a balance of interests and thereby assure confidence.

                    • I believe you are refering to a wildcat strike by members of the CAU. The leadership of the Danish Cabin Attendants Union did not authorize the strike making it illegal. I do not know what the issues were, but in addition to the disruption you describe, such an action would almost certainly undermine negotiations. Most labor agreements require the company to recognize the union (i.e.representatives) as the sole bargaining agent for included employees. As such, the striking members would be acting on their own behalf and could be subject to discipline up to and including discharge. A strike is an action of last resort in contract negotiations. A wildcat strike is an act of desparation justifiable only in extreme situations such as safety.

                    • I am sorry, you have misunderstood. Yes, a society is made up of individuals. But in the case if a democratic society your second question meaningless. Briefly, the concept is stated thus: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Preamble to the U.S. Constitution
                      adopted by convention of States, September 17, 1787.

                    • Right you are.

                      You know, all that “right” and “left” thing shall be judged in accordance to the situation you find it in. None of them is “good” or “bad” inherently by itself…

                      And they shall counterbalance each other, like that

    • (begin music, please)
      I’d like to teach the world to sing,
      in perfect harmony . . .

      Oh, wait! I can’t sing that song anymore. It promotes decadent capitalism. I have to stop it, because most of the world is too dumb to simply choose between Coke, Pepsi, or any number of their national drinks, such as Kavas, which tastes good enough to do well by itself, and makes it unnecessary for liberals like me to tell the Russian people what to drink. That leads to competition, which is not good for peace. The Coke and Kavas people will start a war and we will all die! We will all die, and it will be the fault of freedom to choose between soft drinks! Stop freedom now!

  3. That’s why russian’s should learn Estonian language or move back to Russia – when in country are living people who have no interest of country’s history and culture and who have no idea about it are quite easy to found on criminal life style in some time. Estonia has been from 13th century in German and Western influence, owned by Denmark and Livonian order and later by Sweden before Greate Nordic war broke it.

    • There is no such thing as insurance-will-pay in Russia. The whole idea of ‘insurance’ is still in its infancy and in general Russian citizens don’t trust it and will not pay money for insurance unless it’s a compulsory thing. And they are right – it’s empirically proven every day. Insurance companies will always find a way to avoid paying you. And the legal system in Russia being what it is [not to be trusted/corrupted/expensive and exceptionally slow], you can kiss your money goodbye.

      the unfortunate truth.

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  5. I bet the photo of the car with the wheels is older than yesterday but I am sure the owner is using it as a representation of what it looked like yesterday before he was ripped off.

  6. estonia is quite criminal country.

    More pics on same theme: http://www.auto24.ee/foorum/foorum.php?last_page=1&tid=90595#846121


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