28 thoughts on “Police Crash: People React”

  1. They will no laugh when OMAN squad arrive to beat them into submission and teach lesson–do not ridicule symbol of state power.

    Order is Progress.

    • Correction–OMON is secret police for which I give the advice. OMAN is, of course, a country of rich Arab sheiks, who provide me with Mercedes auto, and own almost as many properties (through corrupt middlemen) in Moscow as they do in London. My apologies.

      I must leave now to interrogate street protestor.

      Order is Progress.

    • I love the Russian sense of humor. I think the world over that policemen are dorks. Their attitudes seem holier-than-thou !! I think their position and power go to their heads. Too bad they can’t be down to earth and sensible.

  2. It’s Moscow and The Big Stone Bridge. I know this place because I’m working not far and I recognized the building near my office… 😉

  3. Excuse my politeness: is this blog supposedly on happenings having occurred in Soviet and ex-Soviet countries, right?
    So why is there a majority of attacks aimed at persons here… Can’t they reserve it for other blogs?

  4. Войны пламени со здесь иногда более забавны чем пост. Я не возражаю против этого нет большого замедления. Это делает это своего рода Диким Западом (который является, как я воображаю большую часть России).

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