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  1. Dagestan?!?! How many ‘stans are there?!?


    • anything that ends with a STAN is a muslim state. some of them used to be part of the 15 USSR republics but after the fall of soviet union new states popped up.

      cant stop,

      i dont think making gas stations with names of foreign companies will mean that they get a lot of business.

    • You named the countries. Here are the regions according to Wikipedia:

      * Avaristan — Avari name for Avari land in Dagestan (Russia)
      * Balawaristan — another name for the Northern Areas, Pakistan.
      * Balochistan or Baluchistan
      o Sistan and Baluchistan, Province of Iran
      o Balochistan, Province of SW Pakistan
      o Baluchistan States Union
      * Baltistan (in Pakistani Kashmir)
      * Bantustan — Apartheid-era South African black ‘homelands’; the term is coined by an analogy
      * Bashkortostan — constituent republic of Russia
      * Cholistan Desert
      * Dagestan — constituent republic of the Russian Federation, literally “place of mountains”
      * Gulistan (“rose garden” in Persian, an Iranian province and a city in Uzbekistan; compare with Gulistan Palace in Tehran and the poem by Saadi)
      * Hindustan – originally either the subcontinent of India, or northern India and Pakistan.
      * Kabulistan — (“The Kabul land” — old term used in many historical books and old Persian literature books for Kabul. Kabulistan contained a larger region that today’s Kabul Province. Some times it is called as the country of Kabulistan)
      * Kafiristan — (“land of the infidels”), historic region in Afghanistan until 1896, now known as Nuristan
      * Karakalpakstan — constituent republic of Uzbekistan
      * Khuzestan — a province of southwestern Iran
      * Kurdistan — Kurdish region
      * Lazistan — another name for Colchis, a region in the Caucasus
      * Lorestan or Luristan — a province of western Iran
      * Nurestan Province — Afghanistan, formed in 2001
      * Pashtunistan or Pakhtunistan is what many Pashtun nationalists call the Pashtun-dominated areas of Pakistan.
      * Rajasthan — a state in India
      * Registan — historic site in Samarkand, meaning “place of sand”
      * Seistan or Sistan — a province of Iran and Afghanistan
      * Talyshstan, a short-lived autonomous republic within Azerbaijan
      * Tatarstan — a constituent republic of the Russian Federation
      * Turkestan — ethnolinguistic region encompassing Central Asia, northwest China, parts of the Caucasus and Asia Minor
      o Russian Turkestan – Turkestan in the Russian Empire, later Turkestan Autonomous SSR
      * Uyghuristan — (variants East Turkestan & Uighurstan) proposed ethnic name for Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China
      * Waziristan — region of northwest Pakistan
      * Zabulistan — a historical region in the border area of today’s Iran and Afghanistan, around the city Zabol
      * Zanjistan, or Zenjistan, term used in medieval texts to refer to the homeland of the Zanj, black slaves of probably East African origin


    • Tatarstan
      United Kingstan
      New Yorkstan
      Los Anglestan

      and any place that Muslims think they can invade and get their hands on…

  2. NICE! Down down road from my original home, we have a Thirftway Store that still selling regular leaded gas. And my dad still fills up there with his ’64 Ford Fairlane. So cool.

  3. Does “gas” (on the “Shelf” station) mean a propan-butan fuel ?

    As I see the prices level are similiar to US-“gas” (in Europe known as “benzin”) prices level.

    Leftists, which governs EU, forced high taxes in fuel. So in EU there are two times higher prices of fuel.

    • do you prefer rightists, darek?

      and it’s not called “benzin” everywhere:
      france: essence
      uk: petrol
      spain and portugal: gasolina
      ok, many other countries used “benzin” or some derivative of it. (just checked via wikipedia, interesting…)

      • as a matter of fact it is called “benzin” in Russia
        as a matter of fact it is called “Benzin” in Germany

        not mentioning several other countries

        Rightists create values, then leftists take them away and try to spread to the people, when everything has collapsed the rightists rebuild everything, create values, then leftists take them …
        and so on…

      • do you know why many people in EU prefer leftists?

        because they say that the values shall be taken and distributed.

        these countries are rich.
        so they just can not imagine, that it is possible, that there will be nothing to distribute. 😉

        values shall be created to be distributed.
        leftists are not good at that.

        if money would grow on trees I would be leftist.
        otherwise – neah…

      • But I still have not an answer if the “gaz” for 11.50 rubli ($ 0.46 per liter) means propan-butan fuel.

        In Poland I pay 2 złote ($0.77) per liter of LPG (propan-butan fuel) but benzin (US-gas) costs 4.30 złote ($1.65) per liter.
        For 5. years of LPG fuel driving I save about 20.000 złoty.

        There’s no problem with LPG tanking in France and Italy (known there as GPL). Some problems to find it in Germany. Rather not possible for tourist to find it in Austria.
        Is there LPG in Russia ?

    • Yes, leftists govern EU, and wish to dominate Poland and other Eastern Europe states and make them lackey states, much as Hitler and Stalin did, but with use of petroleum jelly instead of bullets.

      I hope the Poles unite with Brits to keep EU from complete takeover.

  4. Interesting, 95 octane petrol is almost two times more expensive than 92 octane one.
    20 roubles = 0.8 USD, am I correct?
    It is about half of average european price, but still.. one would expect petrol to be much cheaper in Russia, the largest producer of crude oil in the world.

    By the way, the cheapest petrol I ever saw was in the United Arab Emirates, few years ago. Price was one American dollar for one _British_ gallon (which is 4.5 litres).

  5. Spaceface, in Brazil there are many fake gas stations. One of them is called “13R”, whose logo is identical to the Petrobras’ “BR” one ( http://g1.globo.com/Noticias/SaoPaulo/0,,MUL29858-5605,00.html). Others copy the colours of Shell/Texaco but don’t use any logo, and some have the logos ando colours of a certain brand but the fuel comes from another company.

  6. Gas prices these days are just getting higher, i think the government should focus more on alternative energy.-.”

  7. The suffix ‘stan’ comes from an old Iranian word which literally means ‘place where one stays’ or ‘place to stay’. It’s mostly used to designate an area of land that has been settled by Muslims.

    Not all Islamic countries use the term ‘stan’, but some of you are correct that you will mostly find Muslims there.

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