36 thoughts on “A Romantic Movie”

  1. Yes, is similar to scene in real life which cause current Kremlin leader to be followed by rumor of secret child, some would call love child but Kremlin joke is mission-child, since child was conceived while leader was on orders to infiltrate target of KGB mission.

    The link shows photo of leader and secret mission-child, who looks too much like leader to deny connection.


    Many know that KGB, unlike Hollywood movies suggest, had very educated sophisticated members, with much knowledge of Western economics. Leader was sent on mission to steal Western secrets of successful hotels. Politburo demand to know, “why people think Intourist so bad?” So, leader infiltrates American capitalist family, owner of many hotels with reputation for decadence, to learn secrets. Now joke is that he take “infiltration” orders much too far.

    Another unknown story of how Cold War was fought. So, when you feel appreciation of service at Intourist, remember, someone make great sacrifice for such knowledge to serve you better.

  2. Jesus H Christ…its like a bloody playground in here…as for the picture,I dunno if many men could perform with such an audience.

  3. skinny man in striped pants is actor, but he is on wrong set, and lost. He is to be in film about prisoners of Nazis in Great Patriotic War.

  4. in my country we would kill these women for uncover in place with men!

    Women in this website please remember to cover your faces when you sit in front of computer to see us.

    English Russia people, please post more photos of russian women in the bikini suit, so I may shame them.

    • This is why I invite you to Tehran, so we can make the “alliance” together. You and your KGB friends bring the big Russian “missiles,” and we Iranians will bring the “oil.”

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