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  1. 23rd!!!

    Me usually hides vodka in the glove compartment of my toxic wastes truck when my supervisor come to check my truck.

  2. this a fake, no one will hide 0.5l vodka in his office, since it is officialy allowed to consume 1.23l per day for each human and also non-lesbians over 14 years old

  3. You will need such drink when you learn latest breaking news of secret love child of high-ranking Kremlin leader. Is said to be possible relationship to improve US/Russia relations.

    More to follow upon confirmation. Stay tuned.

      • My sources cannot confirm this vicious western propaganda. However, if, I repeat, IF, such was true, it confirms the adaptability and ingenuity of former KGB personnel, as well as their willingness to “take one” for the team.

        How many CIA, FBI, MI6, or MI5 personnel could perform such a mission? Pffft! Such was the demanding nature of KGB training.

  4. dont we all have that setup somewhere? in a bible, in a lamp or a vase, a stuffed animal or doll… eeeh… now his coworkers will know fosho

  5. Tipper and I tried to put vodka in each copy of my book, “An Inconvenient Truth,” in hopes that the alcohol would make people believe what they read.

    Unfortunately, my eco friends and supporters said the promotion of vodka supports the use of farmland for potatoes, which could be better used as a nature preserve in which animals may freely copulate.

    So, no vodka. Sorry.

    From your fried,
    Al “Daddy Earth” Gore

  6. I laughed at this one 😀

    I wonder if anyone’s ever walked by, grabbed that binder and opened it only to find the office worker’s secret stash. I bet it would make for some darned uncomfortable questions from the boss if it were discovered! 🙂


    This pictures are from the Czech Republic, the drink is Fernent, international known under the same name Fernet Branca, herb drink, good for the stomach

  8. Romano
    You wrong. It’s not a fake. I live in russia, but i’ve never seen Fernet Branca in stores. So at first time i thought it’s fake, too. But then i looked at keyboard. It’s russian! You can clearly see the “Й” letter on a “Q” button.
    What is about Fernet – it could be imported by anyone from Czech.

    BTW, russians love Czech and travell there for a hollydays. Some ppl goes there to fix their health. Some ppl(like me), goes there for famous Czech beer.

    • I am Czech and I can confirm this drink is called Fernet Stock, it comes from the town of Pilsen, Bozkov – also known for its Beer Pilsner Urquell. Some call it ‘lacquer for coffins’ for its dark colour. It is very bitter and mixed with tonic water is known as ‘Beton’. The pictures could have been taken anywhere and I do not think that it matters at all where.

      BTW some Czech people (including me) go to Russia for vodka . Russian beer Baltika is also very good – especially 9 🙂

  9. Notice to all admirers of Napoleon: Anniversary of the day Russians beat French army into submission.

    On October 18, 1812 At Tarutino, the Russian army won its first large scale tactical victory over Napoleon’s invading army.

  10. It’s not vodka Old Bear. Put on your thick lenses and look closely. And I have to say, you’ve been mistaken about russian womans. Your mind is injured by comicses…

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