27 thoughts on “How to Promote Beer in Russia”

    • The new one from 285000 to 350000 RUR (about 11500-14000 USD), depends on complete set. Engines: 2,5 L – 2,9 L petrol and 2,3 diesel. Diesel is the most ehpensive (14000).

  1. ” … massacre took place on October 30 2001. A crowd of 300 young men wielding metal bars attacked street vendors of Caucasian origin at three markets in Moscow. Four were killed in the attack, over 80 were injured. ” – how will you celebrate the upcomming anniversary of this event ?

    • Feed homeless if you really want to see the better world instead of pointless posts on forums.

      No need to remind people about nazism idea still alive and grow up: this “religion” can be found even in Israel novadays (saw a video few days ago – in Israel young jews beats orthodox jews + crushing 6-star tombs on graveyards). Something like anti-semitic jews – exactly like in South Park…

  2. they love looting. which is so easy since they hate driving (safely) even with such precious payload. (russians, like rednecks have a alcohol blood level, not a blood alcohol level)

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