TV Controller in a Russian Way

TV Controller in a Russian Way

The most famous Russian design studio continues to present rather unexpected modifications of the ordinary things. For example, this TV remote controller has more buttons than channels in your TV-set. The creators say that using this device you can easily switch between 399 channels. So if you like to click much, you are welcome. But don’t lose yourself in TV reality.

One more picture below.

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TV Controller in a Russian Way

35 thoughts on “TV Controller in a Russian Way”

  1. waw it is realy nice i want one to my 32 chanels B&O lol MX Hahahahahahaha just send one or i be happy fore that is realey different from all other i have see.

    I love it

    • Artlebedev has produced a number of designs that are in the “tounge in cheek” catagory. Remember their electrical outlet adaptor that had “convenient” finger sockets?

  2. > Looks like the design has overshadowed the rationale of the designer..

    That’s the main problem of the artlebedev studio. “Design for the sake of design” should be their moto.

  3. Anybody ever eat that candy that looks just like that. They were buttons on a piece of paper that look just like those buttons. Then you peel them off and eat them, but the paper always stuck to the candy, so I would just eat the whole thing, paper and all.


      Seen them but never eaten them.

      I used to have a friend who was German and always brought German food to work. One of the items was a cookie that was baked on what we(myself and other coworkers) assumed was paper. Only problem was the paper wouldn’t peel off so we just ate the cookie and paper. I chalked it up to additional fiber for the day.

      Multi-Cultural confusion…

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