Real Elves in Russian Woods

Real Elves in Russian Woods 1

Two Voronezh foresters spotted strange resembling a human being creature with the long ears and blue skin. The blue elf (he was named in such a way) behaved very aggressively, brandishing with his battle cutlass! At the end he started to use bad language and even tried to take off the camera. Nobody can say anything definite about the color of his skin.

Real Elves in Russian Woods 2

Real Elves in Russian Woods 3

Real Elves in Russian Woods 4

Real Elves in Russian Woods 5

Real Elves in Russian Woods 6

Real Elves in Russian Woods 7

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  4. It is fake, it is blue paint. And the ears are fake as well. The “cloths” are human made and so are the cutlass. I do not think that the elf would have acted aggresively, I think it would rather run away and hide then to pose for a few more shots.


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