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In “Rambo 3” movie Sylvester Stallone took participation in quite strange but very rough game, where players should throw a dead body of a goat riding horses. So If you want to become as cool as Rambo 3, or 2, or just Stallone or whatever, you don’t need to go to Afganistan and fight against terrorists. Actually this game is very widespread in many Central Asian countries, including some former republics of the USSR, such as Tajikistan, where it is called buzkashi, Uzbekistan (ulak or kupkari), Kazakhstan (kopkar tartu) and Kirgizia. Some people in Russia call it “kozlodranie” from the words “koziol” (goat) and “drat’ ” (tear up). The rules of this game resemble in some way American football or Rugby with a goat instead of a ball. So if you like to play with dead animals – you are welcome to Kazakhstan and even farther.

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  1. Thank god someone managed to get in the first comment before the “FIRST”-ers arrived.

    Oh, and playing polo with a dead goat? Only in Russia!

    • Rambo was play fighting alongside the Taliban in Rambo 3, I think. That’s before the US needed a villain of the week for another war of empire. Sad, but true.

      Kinda gets your goat, doesn’t it?

  2. I miss my home village in Khazakstan. I sing Khazaki national anthem for you to the tune of Star Spangled Banner!

    Khazakstan is the greatest
    country in the world

    All other countries are
    run by little girls!

    Kahzakstan has the worlds
    greatest supply of potassium

    All other central asian countries
    have inferior potassium

    Khazakstan is the greatest
    country in the world!

    All other countries
    are the home of the gays…

  3. Well, this IS what all the other games were based on. Bery true to roots. That and glad to see some native non-slavic russians for once.

  4. Gerry: No.

    Rachel: It’s not cruel to the horses. They don’t beat the horses or whip them. I have seen them, the riders have to restrain the horses who usually are excited to get on the field. True, the sheep doesn’t like dying, BUT- at least it’s dead first. They used to do it to a live sheep. It’s no more cruel than McDonald’s hamburgers, which are eaten mostly by people who are using those calories purely for entertainment (God knows they don’t need them).

    English Russia: It’s Kyrgyzstan. It says so in huge letters on the poster.

    Buzkashi is an awesome sport. I once saw a couple women participating in Tajikistan.

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