24 thoughts on “Disposable Glasses Go Fences”

  1. I see it in Maryland all the time on several of the overpasses on the interstate near D.C. Never ads selling stuff though, just random phrases. When I played baseball in Jr High we used to spell insults to the other team with cups in the fence at our dugout.

  2. I see this over the highways all the time too. Usually inane stuff like I love so-and-so or Go some-high school-team-name. Funniest one though – one morning a particular overpass had “God Bless USA” on it, but by later in the day it had changed to “God Bless ASU” (arizona state univ.) Had to laugh at that one.

  3. well, at least pixelart, for reasonably sized areas.

    like people did before VGA or even EGA displays came common…

    that can be kinda cool.

  4. First the kid who froze to death on a jet plane and now this. Perm is going strong in the media now. From being internationally unknown just weeks ago.

  5. Don’t you mean disposable cups? Glasses are either eyeglasses or glass cups, never plastic cups. Romanian language has a similar issue with glass bottles vs plastic bottles (PETs). Before plastic bottles became commodity the word for glass (the material) was used as a noun for glass bottles. Now people use the same noun for the PET variety even though it’s obviously not correct.

    Nice antispam word BTW 😀 And I love the site!

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